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ElectroShock Evaluation Jordan Joseph. Forms and Conventions (Target Audience)

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1 ElectroShock Evaluation Jordan Joseph

2 Forms and Conventions (Target Audience)

3 From my rationale, there were three main points that I included to suit the forms and conventions of the magazines target audience: Using the three above highlighted points, I will go into more detail on how I achieved them in the three different aspects of my music magazine

4 1) “teenagers and young adults from the ages of 18...” Front Cover: Use of emoticons and language Teenagers and kids commonly use emotions as a form of informal communication with each other over the internet. Furthermore, they use slang and abbreviated words because it is ‘cool’ in their perception. Double Page Spread: Connection with younger audience ‘Liquid’ went through bad times and rough moments just like most teenagers. It also says he looks up to people, showing how ‘young’ he is in both his life and career. Contents Page: the rave This is a section that the younger demographic may enjoy due to its features such as a mailbox, competitions and a more informal and fun section of the magazine

5 2) “anyone who enjoys listening to electronic or techno music” Front Cover: Sell Lines Sell lines are crucial to advertising the key features of your magazine in an glance of someone’s eyes. Advertising that ‘Daft Punk’ – who are the biggest duo in electronic music history – are in the magazine alongside advertising the best selling DJ video game is a key element in gaining the right audience for this magazine. Contents Page: “we only do everything.” This is the ‘slogan’ to the magazine, although it is only seen in the contents page. This slogan isn't to compliment the magazine title but to try to endorse the magazine and tell the audience the different types of music genre/sub-genre’s that they cover Double Page Spread Within the whole of my double page spread, I used a variety of methods to try to appeal to those people who enjoy listening to electronic and techno music. I made references to artists in those genres and their songs/albums throughout

6 3) “will feature the latest news, reviews and artists from the scene” Contents Page: News, Previews, Reviews This contents page is showing how I have a plethora of not only “latest news” and “reviews”, but also previews of upcoming artists and their albums. I have built upon this specification of my magazine to ensure its superiority. Double Page Spread: Liquid Revolution This is a snippet from my double page spread, introducing the latest artist to “hit the scene” for Dance-Hop, which is a genre that doesn’t focus on instruments as much, and relies on lyrics and vocals more. This is keeping up to date with the movement of ‘Dance-Hop’. Front Page: Sell Lines pt.2 Focusing back on the sell lines, I have kept in touch with what the target audience would want from an Electronic/Dance music magazine. I have updated them with fresh artists while looking back on the old and familiar artists with who the readers are familiar with.

7 Social Representational Issues

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