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The College Application Process Hull High School March 15, 2011 Class of 2012.

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1 The College Application Process Hull High School March 15, 2011 Class of 2012

2 Guidance Counselors Jamie Vaughan Students: A – J Days: M – F Phone: 925-3000 ext. 1122 Email: Kate LaVigne Students: K – Z Days: M, W, Th Phone: 925-3000 ext. 1121 Email: Class of 2012

3 Agenda  Standardized Tests  Timeline of Application Process  Application Deadlines  Family Connection  Counselor’s Role  Guest Speaker: Kelly Montrym, Boston College College Planning Night

4 Standardized Tests

5 ACT vs. SAT  ACT Achievement Test 5 Sections – English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing (optional) 3 hours and 25 minutes (with optional writing)  SAT Reasoning Test Aptitude Test 10 Sections – 3 Critical Reading, 3 Math, 3 Writing, 1 Variable (not scored) 3 hours and 45 minutes Standardized Tests

6  Students take the SAT Subject Tests to demonstrate to colleges their mastery of specific subjects.  5 general areas: English, History, Math, Science, and Languages Specific test descriptions can be found on  Take a Language exam after at least two years of study  Not all colleges require the Subject Tests but an increasing number of schools are beginning to Local examples: Boston College and Boston University require 2 subject tests each Check the admissions requirements at any school you may be interested in SAT Subject Tests Standardized Tests

7  SAT May 7, 2011 Reg. Deadline: April 8 th June 4, 2011 Reg. Deadline: May 6 th  ACT April 9, 2011 Late Reg. Deadline: March 18 th June 11, 2011 Reg. Deadline: May 6 th Dates & Registration Standardized Tests Register online at: Register online at:

8  Junior Year April/June: ACT (if student wishes to)  Junior Year May: SAT Reasoning  Junior Year June: SAT Subject Tests  Senior Year Fall: Re-take SAT Reasoning, Subject Tests, and/or ACT We will inform students of dates and registration deadlines as they become available Sample Testing Schedule Standardized Tests

9 Timeline of the Application Process

10 Spring – Junior Year  Begin/Continue the discussion at home: Finances Geography Idealistic vs. Realistic  Visit Schools Public and Private Small and Large In-State and Out-of-State Timeline

11  Come up with a tentative list of Schools Check admissions requirements for each school Required high school coursework SAT Reasoning Test, ACT, SAT Subject Tests Interview/art portfolio/audition Check Application Deadlines Take the SAT Reasoning Test, ACT, and SAT Subject Tests Spring – Junior Year Timeline

12 Summer 2010  Continue to visit colleges  Begin to narrow your list  If you are planning to play a sport in college register with the NCAA Clearinghouse ( Let your counselor know when you’ve registered  Study for the fall SAT and/or ACT  Consider a job/internship related to major/career interests Timeline

13 Senior Year – Sept./Oct.  Narrow and finalize your list  Ask 2 teachers to write you a letter of recommendation Provide each teacher with an addressed and stamped envelope for each college’s admissions office  Meet with your counselor  Fill out applications and write college essays  Re-take the SAT and/or ACT – send scores electronically to each school  Attend Senior Parent Evening at HHS Timeline

14  Finish and mail applications  Counselor mails transcript and other school materials  Student sends test scores electronically  Attend HHS Financial Aid Evening  Do well in school – colleges will see your first and second term report cards (grades, comments, and attendance) Senior Year – Nov./Dec. Timeline

15  Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Send to each school you applied to  Wait for acceptance letters and financial aid packages  Check with the colleges to make sure all materials were received  No senioritis – colleges will see all of your grades!  Apply for scholarships Senior Year – Jan./Feb. Timeline

16 Application Deadlines

17  Rolling Deadline Colleges will accept and review application materials at any time in the fall and winter The sooner the better!  Regular Deadline Most schools have a January 1 st or January 15 th deadline All student materials must be submitted by this date ***Check with individual schools for official deadlines

18  Early Action Typically around November 15 th Non-binding early deadline Students will know if they have been accepted in Dec/Jan  Early Decision Typically around November 15 th Binding contract Students will know if they have been accepted in Dec/Jan Application Deadlines ***Check with individual schools for official deadlines

19 Family Connection  College searches  Graphs  Update application status

20 Counselor’s Role

21  Offer guidance on college choices to both students and parents  Advise students on the application process  Write your Counselor Recommendation  Send in official school documents (transcript, school form, school profile, senior report cards, etc.) Counselor’s Role

22  Request Recommendations  Complete applications  Send SAT/ACT scores  Interview  See counselor  Submit applications  Submit financial aid forms  Notify counselor of admissions decisions Student’s Role

23  Try to keep communicating  Provide support and encouragement  Financial support  Stressful time Parent’s Role

24 Boston National College Fair  We will be taking a group of students to the Boston National College Fair at the World Trade Center in Boston.  Wednesday, April, 13 th B – F periods  Return your permission slip to the guidance office  Space is limited and participants will be decided on a first come first serve basis  Cost: $15.00 Why Should I go?  Meet admissions counselors from hundreds of local, national, and international colleges and universities  A great way to make contact with a school and get information prior to applying  Admissions counselors will often waive application fees for students they meet on college visits or at a fair Field Trip ***If you would like to be a part of this experience with your child, the fair also runs from 6:00-9:00 pm on Tuesday, April 12 th.

25 Questions ???

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