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Post Secondary Planning Presented by The Counseling Department.

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1 Post Secondary Planning Presented by The Counseling Department

2 About the College Process Keep the process in perspective Work together as a family Students must take ownership Discuss finances openly Start early and meet all deadlines Meet often with your counselor 2

3 Finding a College Evaluate: 4 year vs. 2 year college Size Location Campus Culture Majors Academic Credentials Dormitories Cost Extracurricular Activities Special Programs 3

4 Hit the Road Visit school’s websites: General Information Requirements Deadlines Attend open houses and tours Many colleges track student interest Speak to current students Schedule interview (if offered) 4

5 Finalizing your list of colleges We recommend applying to a range of 6 to 10 colleges. Safety Target Reach Schedule interview (if offered) 5

6 Evaluating an Application Transcript (most important document) GPA, Courses & Grades (includes grades 9 to 11 and senior courses) SAT I, SAT II or ACT Scores (colleges accept either test) Essay(s) Resume (extracurricular activities) Letters of Recommendation It is recommended you apply electronically! Instant submission & confirmation 6

7 The Common Application Must be completed online and sent electronically to approximately 500 schools (the majority of colleges do not accept the Common App ) May be used to save time from having to complete each college’s individual application Allows counselor and teacher to submit recommendations electronically to all common application schools There is no disadvantage to using Common App rather than the college’s own application 7

8 What to Give Your Counselor! Please complete ASAP: Parent Brag Sheet Senior Questionnaire Resume Transcript Release Form 8

9 What Will the Counselor Send? Transcript Secondary School Report Form Letter of Recommendation River Dell School Profile Counselors will send the above materials electronically or through the mail 9

10 Envelope for Counselor 10 River Dell Regional High School 55 Pyle Street Oradell, NJ 07649 ABC University Office of Admissions 100 Main Ave. Anywhere, USA 00000 49c

11 Teacher Recommendations Two teacher recommendations should have been requested last June You must login to Naviance and request a letter of recommendation from each teacher after you have spoken to him/her personally Be sure to follow up with your teachers in the next few weeks and update your teachers regarding your application list and deadlines Teachers will send recommendations electronically or through the mail 11

12 Envelope for Teacher 12 River Dell Regional High School 55 Pyle Street Oradell, NJ 07649 ABC University Office of Admissions 100 Main Ave. Anywhere, USA 00000 49c

13 College Admissions - Testing Students must register to take the SAT I and/or ACT, If you are registering with accommodations make sure you have your code and make sure to register early for ACT. Students are responsible for sending scores to colleges SAT II’s are required for some colleges, usually more competitive schools (check with each school) River Dell Regional High School CEEB Code: 311054 Scores may take 3-6 weeks to be delivered and added to your file 13

14 SAT Test Dates (register at Fall 2014 Test Dates TestsRegularLate (a fee applies) Oct. 11, 2014SAT & Subject Tests Sept. 12, 2014Sept. 30, 2014 Nov. 8, 2014SAT & Subject Tests Oct. 9, 2014Oct. 28, 2014 Dec. 6, 2014 (not given at RD) SAT & Subject Tests Nov. 6, 2014Nov. 24, 2014 14

15 ACT Test Dates (register at Fall 2014 ACT Test Dates Test DateRegistration Deadline(Late Deadline, fee required) Oct. 25, 2014 Sept. 19, 2014Oct. 3, 2014 Dec. 13, 2014 (not given at RD)Nov. 7, 2014Nov. 21, 2014 15

16 Types of Admission & Other Terms Early Decision (Binding) Early Action (Non-Binding) Restrictive Early Action Priority Deadline Rolling Admission Regular Admission Deferred Waitlisted You must submit your deposit by May 1st 16

17 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Student athletes intending to play NCAA Division I or II sports must register with the NCAA Students must complete 16 core courses in order to meet NCAA requirements. (Division I & II) NJSIAA Eligibility Rules for Senior Student-Athletes: - 15 credits must be obtained in the first semester or students must pass all courses if enrolled in less than 15 credits to be eligible for Spring. WF (Withdraw Fail) not allowed. 17

18 Rutgers University Rutgers requires your NJ SMART ID for application- see Mrs. Rosario or Mrs. Neary to obtain a copy of your unofficial transcript to complete SRAR You must complete the SRAR (Student Reported Academic Record) in lieu of sending an official transcript Teacher and counselor recommendations are not part of the application 18

19 Other Items There are several southern schools that have an October 15 th deadline. Please keep in mind that colleges may not update their status page for 4-6 weeks. Many colleges require mid-year grades. Keep up with your studies! First marking period grades are not sent to your colleges. You may request to have the grades mailed and must provide a stamped envelope. 19

20 Counselor Information Phone, 201-599-7200 Barlow, ext. 7298 DiUbaldo, ext. 7226 Moran, ext. 7289 Skorupa, ext. 7224 Title – School Counselor E-mail: 20



23 Review of Naviance  Open your internet browser to the following page:  Please login  Your username is your school e-mail (  Type in password 23

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