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2 THE SCHOOL COUNSELING DEPARTMENT Ms. Hebat El-Turky School Counselor (A-K) Mrs. Sarah Reeder School Counselor (L-Z) Mrs. Vickie Behlert Administrative Assistant Mr. Doug Olszewski Social Worker Mr. Charles Malone High School Principal

3 Factors in Admissions Decisions Application High School Transcript College Essay Teacher Letters of Recommendation (2) Counselor Letter of Recommendation Standardized Test Scores Institutional Priorities from year to year Interviews (student initiated) Demonstrated Interest o College Visit/Communication

4 How to Stand Out from the Crowd Soul Searching- What makes you different from your peers? Highlight that! Know why you want to attend each school to which you apply. Write an authentic, introspective college essay. Take advantage of opportunities to meet with an Admissions counselor (campus or high school visits). Consider which teachers from junior or senior year you will ask for letters of recommendation. Who knows you the best? Help your counselor write a strong letter of recommendation for you by completing the self assessment by June 1 st, 2015 (on Naviance).

5 Importance of Having a Diverse College List Reach: A college whose admissions criteria surpasses the student’s current academic profile. The most selective colleges and universities are reaches for everyone regardless of how strong an applicant is (2-3 reach schools recommended). Target: The student’s academic profile is aligned with the admissions criteria of the college or university. The student has at least a 50% chance of admission based on their academic profile (2-3 target schools recommended). Safe/Foundation: The applicant’s academic profile significantly surpasses the college or universities admissions criteria (2 safe schools recommended). * Admissions criteria varies from school to school. Most colleges take a holistic approach in the admissions process.

6 Naviance Naviance is an online tool used for researching colleges, exploring careers and electronically processing high school materials to be sent to colleges for admissions. Naviance allows New Hope- Solebury Guidance Office to personalize the approach to each student’s success with a premiere platform for college and career planning.

7 Key Points Senior Year Grades Types of Admissions Standardized Test Scores and “Test- Optional” Schools ( Common Application vs. School-Specific Application

8 COMPONENTS OF THE APPLICATION PROCESS A Complete College Application The Student Component The Teacher Component The Counselor/ Guidance Component

9 STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY 2. Complete Applications 1. Review Transcript for accuracy. Transcripts can be accessed on the parent portal. Upon requesting your first transcript, you are acknowledging that everything is accurate. Create a Common Application Account ( or school-specific On the Common Application, add schools to which you’re applying. Follow directions & meet critical deadlines

10 Complete FERPA form on the Common Application Track the status of your transcripts through Naviance and stop in to the Guidance Office if you have any questions! Transcripts are processed beginning on the first day of school. Be mindful of any October deadlines! 3. Request Transcripts Through Naviance

11 Transcript Request Timeline (10 School Days to Process) If the College/University Application Deadline is… … the Transcript Request must be submitted through Naviance on or before the following: November 1, 2015October 19, 2015 November 15, 2015November 2, 2015 December 1, 2015November 17, 2015 December 15, 2015December 1, 2015 January 1, 2016December 10, 2015 January 15, 2016January 4, 2016 February 1, 2016January 18, 2016

12 4. Sending Test Scores It is the student’s responsibility to send standardized test scores directly to the college. Students have many options when submitting these scores, so New Hope-Solebury High School cannot send standardized test scores to colleges. It takes the College Board and ACT approximately 4 weeks to process official score report requests. For SAT/AP scores: For ACT: While students may take their SAT or ACT in the fall of senior year, it is strongly encouraged that you complete standardized tests in the spring of junior year.

13 SAT & ACT Upcoming Dates SAT: ◦ For the May 2 nd test, register by April 6 th ◦ For the June 6 th test, register by May 8 th ◦ For the Oct. 10 th test, register by Sept. 11 th ACT: ◦ For the April 18 th test, late registration (fee required) by March 27 th ◦ For the June 13 th test, register by May 8 th ◦ For the Sept. 12 th test, register by August 7 th

14 Provide a personalized account of the student to add to the transcript Complete the 20-question Senior Self Assessment Form ASAP! This helps your counselor to write your letter. This should be completed in Naviance by June 1, 2015. Request Teacher Recommendations personally then through Naviance 3-4 weeks in advance. Ask your teachers for letters & make your Naviance request at least 3 weeks before you plan on REQUESTING your transcript. 5. Letters of Recommendation

15 The Teacher Component After you ask them personally and send an electronic request through Naviance, your teacher will upload all necessary materials to Naviance. The student is responsible for following up with the teacher to ensure that the recommendation has been uploaded to Naviance. All recommendations are confidential. Be sure to thank your teacher!

16 The Counselor Component For every online transcript request, the following will be sent: Counselor Recommendation School Profile Secondary School Report Official Transcript, including Senior Year Schedule Uploaded Teacher Letters of Recommendation/Forms

17 College Rep Visits: Will be posted in Naviance under the “Colleges” tab. Students MUST sign up through Naviance and print their confirmation as their pass. These visits typically occur from September-November. Resumé and other Additional Info: It is the student’s responsibility to send, electronically or by mail, the resume and/or any additional information they want the colleges to have. Changes to Senior Year Courses: May affect admissions offers. Students should contact each school to discuss potential changes as well as write a letter to each school explaining the course change.

18 Important Information for Student Athletes NCAA Eligibility: Create account Should be done at the end of 11 th grade/beginning of 12 th grade Request NCAA transcript through Naviance as soon as you are authorized to do so. NCAA program will be offered later this school year for all student athletes and any interested parents

19 FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIPS  FAFSA Form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid )  CSS Profile  Scholarships/Special Programs Posted on Naviance as they become available. Click on “Colleges” tab, scroll down to “Scholarships and Money.” Scholarship opportunities are also sent out via Listserve as we receive them. Community scholarship application is available halfway through senior year.

20 Thank you!


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