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Post Secondary Planning

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1 Post Secondary Planning
Life After Hamden High School

2 Post Secondary Options
Two-Year Junior/Community Colleges Four-Year Colleges & Universities Technical Schools & Colleges Specialty Schools Military Academies & Programs Employment

3 How to Find Colleges Naviance College Fairs
College Representative Visits

4 What a College Needs Application (online or paper) Application Fee
Transcript Colleges may also require: Test Scores Letter(s) of Recommendation Secondary School Reports Student Essay List of Student Activities/Resume Interview

5 Admissions Options Regular Admissions Rolling Admissions
An admissions decision is given as soon as possible after an application is completed and does not specify a notification deadline Early Admissions SEOP Most of the CT state schools have summer programs for students whose grades and/or SAT are below admissions standards

6 What is Early Admissions?
An option that allows you to apply early (usually in November) and get a decision from the college well in advance of the usual spring notification date If you find a college that you’re sure is right for you, consider applying early!

7 Early Decision vs. Early Action
Early Decision (ED) = binding agreement Attendance is expected regardless of financial aid Use only when your heart is set on a particular school APPLY TO ONE ED SCHOOL ONLY! Early Action (EA) = non-binding agreement Use when interest level is high Financial aid can be a factor in your decision

8 What is the Common Application?
Fill out once and send to multiple colleges- A great time saver! An admissions application accepted by over 500 colleges and universities in place of their own without any penalty Visit for a complete list of institutions accepting the common application Complete online Be sure to complete all parts of the application, including any supplements

9 SAT/ACT Information Register and prepare for the SAT/ACT if needed. See your counselor if you qualify for fee waivers. Check with schools to see if they require SAT Subject Tests. Send your official SAT/ACT scores to each college/university through the testing service- It is your responsibility. College Board will send 4 score reports FREE when you sign up to take the SATs (additions/changes can be made up to 9 days after the test). College Board charges a fee for each additional college.

10 Transcript Request Procedures
Obtain the appropriate (Common App-CA and/or Non-Common App) Transcript Release Form in the Counseling Office at the end of September. Obtain parental signature if you are under 18 Bring all materials to the clerks in the Counseling Office. The first 6 schools are free; after that there is a fee of $2.00 per college Your transcripts will not be processed until guidance receives the Release Form.


12 IMPORTANT!!! When using the Common Application, you will need to link your CA account to your Naviance account. There will be instructions in the Naviance account. Be sure to use the same address for both of your accounts!!!!!



15 Deadlines For Transcripts
All requests for transcripts only must be submitted 10 SCHOOL DAYS prior to the deadline For Common App and schools that require additional forms and/or recommendations, requests must be submitted 20 SCHOOL DAYS prior to the deadline

16 Sources of Financial Aid
Grants- money received from the federal and state governments and from individual colleges that does not have to be repaid Scholarships- gift aid usually awarded based on merit and achievements Loans- aid that must be repaid Work Study- a federal program providing students with part-time employment

17 Financial Aid Resources
Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)- You may not submit this until January 2015. Complete the CSS Profile if applicable (used by some schools to determine non-federal student aid funds) Reminder: All young men are required to register for selective service ( or at the post office) at age 18. Federal financial aid will not be given until you do so. Apply for local, regional, state, and national scholarships View listing on Naviance See Mrs. Chapman for more info Search for scholarships on the web- Beware of scholarship scams! Attend Financial Aid Night !! Check our website for a Fall date.

18 What Should Students Be Doing Now?
Finalize list of schools/programs Organize applications and their requirements Read applications carefully and follow directions Check Naviance website and/or the Counseling Office to see if any representatives of colleges of interest are coming to HHS 5. Attend the Senior College Readiness Day on October 15th

19 Questions?

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