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School Counseling Department College Application Process.

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1 School Counseling Department College Application Process

2  School Counseling Director - Ms. McGuire  School Counselors -Mrs. Crowley-Mrs. Estabrooks -Mrs. Zubek  New Caseload Configuration: Grades 10 & 12  Secretaries: Miss Parker and Mrs. Jacobs  Career Center: Mr. Medve, and Mrs. Wisniewski

3  Topics Covered * see your school counselors with any questions concerning previous topics covered below* Graduation Requirements SAT vs. ACT Post Secondary Options Exploring Colleges/Careers Course Selection Senior Year Timeline TranscriptGPA/RankTranscriptGPA/RankScholarshipsScholarships Personality Type Assessment NavianceNaviance Common Application NCAAEligibilityNCAAEligibility

4  SAT  November 3 Register by October 4  December 1 Nov 1  ACT  October 27 Register by September 21  December 8 November 2

5  General Reasoning /Problem solving test - reflects content used in all strong college preparatory courses  Test Time- 3 hours, 45 minutes, including an unscored 25 minute experimental section.  Ten Sections: ◦ 3 Critical Reading ◦ 3 Math ◦ 3 Writing ◦ 1 Experimental (masked to look like a regular section)  Curriculum-based Test that measure achievement in core content areas  Test Time- 2 hours, 55 minutes, including an optional 30- minute Writing Section  Five Sections: ◦ English ◦ Math ◦ Reading ◦ Science ◦ Optional: Writing (required by most) ◦ 1 Experimental section (only added to certain test dates) All colleges will accept either test. The ACT with writing is often accepted by schools who require SAT I & II. Hundreds of colleges require neither.. Students must send scores to colleges/universitites directly from the College Board.

6  Location  Size  Academics  Activities  Cost  Reach  Target  Safety  Visits

7  Electronic (from web site)  Download, complete, proofread, make copy, complete signature page, send  Request transcript through Naviance and notify counselor  Hard copy  Make practice copy, proofread, sign  Check for supplemental applications  Submit to counselor; request transcript through Naviance  The Common Application  One application for many different colleges  Complete, proofread, make copies  Check for supplemental applications  Send through Naviance with transcript request

8  Make sure application requirements are met  Request Transcript from Naviance  Turn in your parent release form to authorize transcripts to be sent  Complete online applications  Get any necessary recommendations - Fill out Teacher/Counselor Recommendation forms  Write required essays and have them reviewed by your English teacher  Proofread each application and make a copy  If you apply online, notify the counselor via Naviance Email  Record applications as "sent" on Naviance -Complete applications and request transcripts well before the deadline -Inform the counselor of any required mid-year and end-of-year progress reports


10 My Colleges: By clicking on the link Colleges I’m thinking about you will be able to add colleges into your list.

11 My Colleges: After generating a list of colleges you are thinking about, select colleges that you will be applying to and click the “Move to Application List”.

12 You moved your selected colleges to Colleges I’m applying to.



15 In order to request a copy of your letter of recommendation from teachers/counselors through Naviance, students must complete the Important Privacy Notice For Common Application and ‘Waive Their Right’ through a series of questions. In order to complete the form from Naviance, each student must create a Common Apps account and use that same Username and Password before submission.


17 Using Naviance to Using Naviance to Track the Application Process

18  What we expect your child to do ◦ Being aware of deadlines (early action, early decision, regular, and rolling admission) ◦ Completing applications ahead of time and giving all information to their counselor to be sent out ◦ Send SAT/ACT scores to colleges directly.  What we expect you to do ◦ Know what colleges your child is applying to. ◦ If your child is filling out an application on “common app” there will be a section where your help will be needed. ◦ Review the application before sending it to make sure all areas are complete. What you can expect from me ◦ Help with any questions along the way. ◦ Send School Profile, transcript and letters of recommendations.

19  What we expect your child to do ◦ Ask EARLY! ◦ After student asks the teacher they then must make a formal request to the teacher on Naviance.  What we expect you to do ◦ Remind them to send a follow up thank you cards after receiving their letter of recommendations  What you can expect from me ◦ Provide a Letter of Recommendation form for the students to give the teacher. ◦ Write a letter of recommendation for each student, if required.

20  What we expect your child to do ◦ Remind you (the parent) to complete the forms as soon as they are available (FAFSA – Jan 1 st, CSS Profile- October 1 st )  What we expect you to do ◦ Complete the financial aid form (FAFSA) ◦ Come to the Financial Aid Night for tips, guidelines, and with any questions about the process ◦ Discuss college financing with your child.  What you can expect from me ◦ Provide support and handouts to help make this part as pain free as possible.

21  October 4 th – Central Conn State Univ.  October 19 th - UCONN ◦ Students must sign up in the career center ◦ Signed permission slip are due a week before attending the trip.  SAT PREP/COLLEGE ESSAYS

22 Community Service Check Naviance Weekly SAT DATES November 3 December 1 SAT DATES November 3 December 1 Send Test Scores SAT/ACT/NCAA ACT: Test Date October 27 nd December 8 th Request Recommendations: Request 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE!! Apply for Scholarships Sign up on Naviance to meet with college representative in the Career Center Make sure Application online is sent and completed by the deadline. Please see your Counselor as needed. Resume

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