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JANUARY 18, 2014 Knox School Class of 2015 College Planning Workshop.

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1 JANUARY 18, 2014 Knox School Class of 2015 College Planning Workshop

2 How do I start? It is a process, very individualized and important to both you and your family. It is a financial obligation $80,000 - $250,000 over four or more years for you and your family You need to create a decision making committee for your college planning process

3 Milestones Have a series of conversations with your family about college. Do you want to go away? Do they want you to go away? How far is away? How are you going to pay for tuition, room and board? Seniors are filling out FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) forms this month and next for financial aid and scholarships. Review your PSAT scores, and ask for your GPA

4 Milestones Time for an objective review of your past academic performance and involvement is school and community activities. The Common Application and most competitive schools (40% acceptance rate or above) want to know more about you than just how well you can write an essay or solve an equation. If you have never volunteered at the local hospital or nursing home, played any competitive sports or belonged to club – NOW is the time to do so!

5 Milestones The SAT, ACT or SAT/ACT Optional? If you are a good History and Science student consider taking the ACT SAT has 3 sections – Critical Reading, Math and Writing ACT has 4 sections – English, Mathematics, Science and Reading SAT/ACT optional schools will require teacher recommendations, graded work and transcript

6 Milestones Sign up for the May SAT Buy an SAT Prep Book with CD Take SAT practice tests – they are available free on- line at the College Board website If you have taken or are taking an Honors, Accelerated or AP course, consider taking SAT II Subject tests in June Many competitive schools require or recommend specific SAT II tests for admission

7 Milestones Do The Research!! How do you find out about colleges or universities Online – school websites Online – search engine/research sites There are many more

8 Milestones Financial Aid/Scholarships Do the Research – New York State students Remember Scholarships are free – do not pay for a scholarship!!!

9 Milestones Attend a College Fair Most are in the Fall but there are some regional fairs in the Spring Make a list of schools tables you want to visit Introduce yourself to the college representatives Get business cards and e-mail addresses Send a follow up e-mail to reps. Ask about when you can visit their school

10 Milestones Road Trip!!! Make a list of the top schools you want to visit Research when they have Open Houses or Visiting Days Get parents involved in planning your trip Smaller schools may offer you a chance for an pre- interview or to visit classes, maybe even spend the night Make the most of your visit – have a list of questions

11 Milestones Junior Year Spring Checklist: Register for the May SAT or ACT Consider taking SAT Subject Tests in June Plan a Road Trip to see your top schools If you are considering competitive schools – consider a summer program at one of the schools on your list – you may have a chance to network with professors or school admissions officers Review your co-curricular and community activities

12 Naviance and You!!! Family Connections Links Knox Students, Parents and Counselors in the College Planning process A secure website for student planning and advising Transcripts Teacher Recommendations Counselor’s Report Student Resume Personal Profile

13 Naviance and You What can I do? Personality Inventory Interest Inventory College Planning Research Colleges and Universities Career Planning Scholarship Information Write your Resume

14 Naviance and You College Planning College Selection Research College Major Research “Game Plan” after Knox preferences National Scholarships Individual College Scholarships Financial Aid Information

15 Naviance and You What do we do now? Log on to your Naviance account Homework for January Go to Family Connections and the About Me Tab Under My Assessments Take the Personality and Career Key Assessments Additional Homework Familiarize yourself with your Naviance account and Family Connections

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