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COLLEGE PLANNING AN OVERVIEW Presented by GVHS Counselors: Mr. Chip Harvey Ms. Anna Impriano.

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1 COLLEGE PLANNING AN OVERVIEW Presented by GVHS Counselors: Mr. Chip Harvey Ms. Anna Impriano

2 Junior Meeting WHO? student, parent(s), school counselor WHEN? Parents are invited to call and schedule these meetings following junior night. It is recommended to schedule the meeting in November, December or January WHY? This meeting will allow for individualized college planning Review of general admission requirements, student transcript, college testing, college factors, building a college list, Naviance and a time to get questions answered

3 Important Factors in Admission Decision HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT!!! Grades and Rigor are the most important factors Senior year courses should reflect ability and interests STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES Review requirements on Naviance or on school’s webpage YOU- WHO ARE YOU AS A PERSON!? Essay(s), Interviews (if required/recommended), Letters of Rec, Resume APPLICATION Completed and submitted online

4 11 th Grade Milestones Fall/Spring Register Online for Entrance Exams (SAT/ACT/SAT Subject Tests) Familiarize Yourself with Naviance and College Websites Search for Colleges & Research GOOD FIT Schools Develop Preliminary List of Schools Build Your Resume Visit Colleges (Great time- Spring Break!) Course Selection (strategically select senior courses) Request Letters of Recommendation from Teachers (spring) DI/DII Potential Athletes- Register with NCAA Clearinghouse Spring/Summer Finalize List of Schools (6-10) Work on College Essays and Begin completing Applications Investigate/Enroll in Summer Programs

5 Taking Entrance Exams (SAT/ACT/SAT Subject Tests) When? First exam sometime between January-March Refer to Naviance for the test dates and locations Register for these Exams Online SAT & Subject Test Registration: ACT Registration: Does my school require Subject Tests? View link to determine the answer: Some Schools do NOT require test scores Test optional schools:

6 The College Search Goal – Develop Preliminary List of Schools This Year Identify Good Fit Characteristics size, location, major, activities, strength of program, learning env., etc. Use College Search Sites to Narrow List VISIT Colleges (small, big, city, rural) Selection Process (foundational, target, reach) Narrow List! (subjective and objective research)

7 VISIT COLLEGES Great time to visit- SPRING BREAK! See school when students are on campus- ask questions~ Sign up for a tour with the admissions office by calling the school in advance. Some schools offer online registration. Bring a Notebook! Jot down your likes and dislikes as SOON as you leave campus Your impressions of a school are important and will help you to determine good fit and factors of importance

8 Build Your Resume Include activities, jobs and volunteer hours that you have been involved with since the beginning of 9th grade Use appropriate grammar (you are not texting!!!) Take on leadership roles and stay involved Consider a summer program that is related to your career goals or that is on a college campus of interest Example resumes available in Naviance

9 Letters of Recommendation Ask 2 Teachers to write you a letter When to ask!? When you return from Spring Break ! Ask Major Subject Teachers Math, English, Science, Social Studies Consider the major you might pursue in college Follow up by providing a teacher request form! Available in the counseling office this spring Forms also may be printed from Naviance (in the document library) Say THANK YOU!

10 Potential DI/DII Athletes REGISTER with the NCAA at: Center Send transcript to NCAA after junior year & after graduation Review NCAA core-course requirements Send your test scores (SAT &/or ACT) to the NCAA Enter the code 9999 when you register to take the exam Familiarize yourself with College Athletic Sites: National Junior College Athletic Association - The NAIA is another collegiate athletic association

11 Application Process ED/EA/Rolling ED- binding, EA- nonbinding, Rolling- no deadline Common Application (review) Send SAT/ACT Scores Online School Packet Supporting documents sent from your Guidance Office Includes Transcript, Secondary School Report (data sheet), Counselor Letter of Rec, School Profile, Teacher(s) Letters’ of Rec Must be requested 15 days before materials need to be at college

12 Acceptances and Decisions When!? Rolling Schools- response within 2-3 weeks Early Action/Early Decision- response before winter break Regular Decision- response before April 1 st How Most Schools post application decisions online Many Schools mail a decision in the mail National Decision Day! Students must commit to a school by May 1 st, anytime before Some colleges do not guarantee housing if you wait until 5/1 Consider your financial aid package with decisions (next slide)

13 Financial Aid FAFSA Free Application for federal student Aid Apply for a pin and then complete application soon after Jan. 1 st (12 th ) Complete online: CSS Profile Required by many private colleges and universities to determine your eligibility for non-government financial aid, such as the institution's own grants, loans and scholarships Can be completed in the fall (12 th ) Completed online: Local Scholarships Fastweb

14 Questions & Handouts (online)

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