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George Washington Lynsey Bullington Jesse Boyd Elementary.

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2 George Washington Lynsey Bullington Jesse Boyd Elementary

3 George Washington First in war, First in peace, First in the hearts of his countrymen.

4 Early Life He was born on February 22, 1732 in Wakefield, Virginia. Virginia was a British colony ruled by the King of Great Britain. He started school at age 7 in a one-room schoolhouse. His father died when he was 11 years old and he was sent to live with his brother.

5 Early Life Young George liked to visit his brother, Lawrence’s home called Mount Vernon. He learned a lot about farming. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, and riding horses.

6 First Job At sixteen years old, George was offered his first job surveying land. He surveyed land on Virginia’s western frontier. When he was 20, his brother, Lawrence died.

7 Military Life At 21, he joined the Virginia Militia as a Major. They helped the British Army defend America’s western frontier. They also fought with the British to win the French and Indian War. During the war, Washington had 2 horses shot from under him, and 4 bullets ripped through his uniform.

8 Farming George went back to Mount Vernon and became a farmer. He married Martha Custis when he was 26. She was a widow and had two small children

9 Family Life George and Martha didn’t have children of their own but he loved her two children, Jackie and Patsy. Patsy got sick and died when she was seventeen. George was called to duty.

10 Continental Army Many Americans wanted independence from Great Britian. In 1775 fighting broke out between England and some American Colonies Leaders of the 13 American Colonies chose George Washington to lead the Continental Army. In 1776 the Declaration of Independence formed the new United States.

11 American Revolutionary War There were many tough battles. The soldiers didn’t have enough food, clothing, or shoes. France recognized America as an independent nation and sent troops to fight. The war lasted six years.

12 Victory In 1783 the American Colonies won the war. George Washington was considered a hero. He wanted to retire home to Mount Vernon

13 Continental Congress The 13 colonies joined together as the United States of America. In 1787, a new government was formed with a congress, supreme court, and a president.

14 Constitutional Convention The nation needed a stronger national government. Congress called a convention in Philadelphia in 1787 to draft a plan for a new government. The convention chose Washington its president. September 17, 1787 delegates from 12 states signed the new Constitution. One by one, the 13 states ratified the constitution.

15 First President February 4, 1789 Washington was unanimously elected President. John Adams became Vice President. Washington was reelected in 1792. He could have been elected again in 1796, but he decided 2 terms was enough.

16 Retirement In 1797, Washington returned to Mount Vernon. He hoped to enjoy peace at his farm. On December 13, 1799, he became ill with a severe throat infection. He died on December 14, 1799, 2 months before his 68 th birthday.

17 Credits All photos are courtesy of the Library of Congress Library of Congress And the American Memory CollectionAmerican Memory Collection

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