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The American Revolution

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1 The American Revolution
Chapter 8 The American Revolution

2 In 1775, the British Army was the most powerful army in the world.
How could the Americans win?

3 The Americans only had militia.
They didn’t even have any cannon.

4 Some Americans wanted a revolutionary war, but many didn’t.
Most Americans were just farmers. They didn’t care about the government

5 The colonists had another meeting—the Second Continental Congress.

6 Each of the 13 colonies sent delegates
Each of the 13 colonies sent delegates. A delegate is a person who represents his colony. Each delegate voted. It is like the congress in the American government today.

7 Most of the delegates did not want independence from England
Most of the delegates did not want independence from England. They just wanted the same rights as the English.

8 They made three decisions.
They decided to start an army. They chose George Washington to be the General. They sent Benjamin Franklin to France to ask for help.

9 American soldiers attacked a British fort by surprise—Fort Ticonderoga.
They captured many cannons and a lot of supplies.

10 Then, they moved to Bunker Hill and waited for the British to come.
The British came. As the redcoats came up the hill, the Americans shot them down.

11 The Americans lost, but they killed thousands of Redcoats.

12 The Congress decided to send a letter to King George.
They asked for peace, but said that they wanted the same rights as English people.

13 King George refused to read the letter.
He sent British ships to blockade American ports.

14 The blockade stopped America from getting supplies from other countries.

15 In 1776, Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet called “Common Sense.”
In this pamphlet, he said that Americans should fight for independence. He said that America could be better if it were independent from England. People read his pamphlet. Many people liked his idea.

16 Many Americans started fighting the war for independence
Many Americans started fighting the war for independence. They were called Patriots. At first, only 1/3 of all Americans wanted independence. 1/3 still liked King George. They were called Loyalists. 1/3 wanted did not care who won. They were called neutral.

17 The English soldiers went into houses looking for Patriots.
They took away people’s things. They lived in people’s houses. They took people’s food. They burned people’s houses and killed innocent people. This made more people mad. More people joined the Patriots.

18 In June 1776, Congress decided to tell the world that America was going to be independent from England. They wrote a paper called the Declaration of Independence. It said that all people are equal. It said that it was OK to fight against a bad government. It said that America was a free country.

19 The new American Army was called the Continental Army.
George Washington was their leader. Washington wasn’t stupid. He knew when to run away and he knew how to hide in the wilderness. The Continental Army knew how to fight in the wilderness.

20 But, the Continental Army had many problems
But, the Continental Army had many problems. They did not have any money, so they could not get food or supplies. They didn’t even have warm clothing for winter.

21 The British Army was the best in the world, but they also had many problems.
They were far away from home. Many of the American people hated them. People shot at them. Many of the British soldiers did not believe in the war.

22 The Americans lost many battles, but in 1777 they started winning.

23 The French decided to send the Continental Army some weapons
The French decided to send the Continental Army some weapons. They wanted the Americans to beat the British.

24 Many slaves and free black men fought in the war.

25 Many people came from all over the world to help the Americans.
Some countries such as Spain and France juts wanted to see England lose. Some people wanted to see America become a new country with new ideas such as democracy, freedom and equality.

26 With the help of the French, the Americans beat the British.
In 1783, England signed a treaty. It gave America independence. The United States was a new country.

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