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#1 – George Washington.

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1 #1 – George Washington

2 # 1 -George Washington Born: February 22, 1732
Birthplace: Pope’s Creek, Virginia Term: Political Party: none Vice President: John Adams Stepchildren: 2 Died: December 14, 1799

3 #1 _ George Washington He was the oldest son
No records of where he went to school but he had about 7 to 8 years of school, math was his best subject. 1743: His Father died, moved to Mount Vernon to live with his half brother, Lawrence. He wanted to join the Navy but his mother discouraged it. He becomes a surveyor (map maker)

4 #1 - George Washington 1748: Surveys the Shenandoah Valley, in Virginia. 1749: appointed surveyor for Culpepper County. 1752: Lawrence dies of tuberculosis. George inherits Mount Vernon.

5 #1- George Washington 1753: dispatched to warn the French that they are encroaching on their territory. April 1754: Fort Necessity is captured by the French. Washington is captured and released. Nov./Dec. 1754: resigns from his commission. 1755: volunteers for the army again. Promoted to Colonel and appointed Commander in Chief of the Virginia militia. 1755: French and Indian War begins.

6 #1 – George Washington 1758: Washington leaves Army and returns to Mount Vernon. : Enters politics – joins the House of Burgesses. 1759: marries Martha Custis. : Delegate of the First and Second Continental Congress. 1775: Appointed Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. (General)

7 #1 – George Washington 1776: American Revolutionary War begins.
1781: Victory at Yorktown. Signals the end of the War.

8 #1 – George Washington 1787: Headed the Virginia delegation to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Elected the presiding officer. 1789: Elected President when the Constitution was ratified (signed). Serves two terms. 1789: first Supreme Court and cabinet selected. 1790: capital moved from New York to Philadelphia . 1790: first U.S. census taken

9 1791: Bill of Rights becomes part of the Constitution.
1791: Bank of the United States created. 1792: Congress establishes the U.S. mint. 1794: Whiskey Rebellion put down, the Constitution works. 1794: Jay’s Treaty signed – enforces old Treaty of Paris 1795: Pinckney’s Treaty signed –allows the US the right to use the Mississippi River for trade (Spain)

10 # 1 – George Washington Farewell Address ( 3 major points)
1. no political parties – unity at home 2. remain neutral 3. good national credit 1797: Resigns as President. December 14, 1799: Died of acute laryngitis. (cold)

11 #1 – George Washington Interesting Facts:
Washington elected the First President 1791: Bill of Rights signed 1792: Bank of the United States created. 1792: Gas lighting invented – William Murdock, Scotland 1793: Cotton Gin invented– Eli Whitney, U.S. States admitted: (3) 1791: Vermont (14) 1792: Kentucky (15) 1796: Tennessee (16)

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