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China’s Earliest Civilization

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1 China’s Earliest Civilization

2 Pre-Class Using pages 328 – 329
List how the Shang Dynasty began to shape the Chinese Civilization Government Religion Achievements 3 items for each

3 Achievements of the Shang
Government: Dynastic Rule began (page 329) Mandate of Heaven - Zhou Built palaces, temples, & royal burial sites Battled nomadic invaders Fought with wheeled chariots (Middle East?) Supervised irrigation & flood control projects Benefitted people strengthened rule

4 Mandate of Heaven: ancestors in heaven chose their leaders,
granted right to rule loyalty was exchanged for good government like “Divine Right of Kings” in Western Europe

5 Achievements of the Shang
Religion: Shang Di chief God King served as the link between heaven & Earth to please the gods Heaven home to gods and spirits Priests used Oracle Bones to consult with ancestors (page 328)


7 Achievements of the Shang
Developed their own form of writing Ideographs: symbols to express ideas such as beauty, joy & justice Accurate calendar Bronze making Silk pottery

8 Random videos Silk Road 2:34 Inventions 2:31

9 Three Chinese Schools of Thought & Buddhism

10 Confucianism China’s best known philosopher Born around 551BC
Developed ideas about how to restore peace and ensure harmony in Analects Taught 5 relationships must govern human society Hierarchy: any system of persons or things ranked above one another

11 Confucianism Taught 5 relationships must govern human society:
Ruler & ruled Father & son Older brother & younger brother Husband & wife Friend & friend

12 Confucianism The superior person should set the example for the inferior person Family and society should be placed above the individual Filial Piety: the duty and respect that children owe their parents

13 Confucianism Importance on Education
Education shapes Chinese government Forbidden City Video 2:40 Civil Service Exam: merit (page 339 Exam Time) To ensure officials shared Confucius traditions and values - Han Confucian ideas spread & influenced cultures of Korea, Japan, & Vietnam

14 Daoism Founder of Daoism: Lao Zi
Link between people and nature rather than the importance of proper behavior The Way of Virtue Dao means the way “Those who know the Dao do no speak of it; those who speak of it do not know it”

15 Daoism Yin and Yang (reading) Hungry Ghost (reading)
Tai Chi Video 2:45 Daoism Fireworks 2:38 Yin and Yang (reading) Immortality Hungry Ghost (reading) Made advances in science and technology Astronomy Developed magnetic compass Invented gunpowder Influenced art Best Government few rules Rules artificial

16 Legalism Han Feizi- most famous Legalism writer
The ruler alone possesses power wielding it like lightning and thunder Rejected Confucian ideas about proper behavior Harsh laws imposed by a strong leader would ensure order In 221 Qin emperor used to unite China Shi Huangdi


18 Buddhism One of the few foreign influences to impact China - Han
The three Chinese schools of thought dealt with life on Earth, Buddhism was the only one that offered an escape from suffering of Earthly life Promised salvation for the good and punishment for the wicked

19 Buddhism Buddhism blended with Chinese beliefs and values
Chinese could accept diverse ideas Kung Fu

20 Similarities between Chinese Schools of Thought
All offered ideas about how to build an orderly society

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