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Welcome to Mr. Garcia’s Fourth Grade Class

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1 Welcome to Mr. Garcia’s Fourth Grade Class

2 Discipline Discipline is vital to maintaining positive classroom
management and ensuring your child’s progress. Our discipline plan is as follows: Be prepared, productive, and polite. Be responsible. Use time wisely. Follow directions. Respect yourself, your school, and others.

3 Behavior Consequences
1. Verbal Warning Minutes out of recess 3. No Recess/Behavior Reflection Assignment 4. Parent Contact/No Recess/Behavior Reflection Assignment 5. Discipline Referral/All of the above

4 Grade Folders: eSembler Sent home every two weeks Includes:
graded papers from previous week a progress report (Please sign and return.)

5 Agendas Will be used daily to record homework assignments and upcoming tests. Please check and sign daily. This is a good place for us to communicate.

6 Grading Scale: A B C D F

7 Specials Day 1 – Library Day 2 – P.E. Day 3 – Computer Day 4 – P.E.
Day 5 – Music Day 6 – P.E. Day 7 – Art Day 8 – P.E.

8 Make-up work When a student misses school it is their responsibility to complete and return their make-up work. The day they return they are given all missing assignments and any handouts given out. Students should return all work as soon as possible.

9 Incentive Programs Accelerated Reader Star Student Mastery Club
Smiley Face Math Superintendent Award 40 Book Challenge

10 Volunteers: Application Procedures Volunteer forms are required to:
chaperone fieldtrips work with students in the room

11 Volunteering in the Classroom
Sending in Supplies Field Trips Clerical – tearing out workbook pages, etc… Oral Fluency Math Facts Science Experiments Other

12 Recess: Recess is a privilege that may be earned by doing the following: Returning homework Returning grade folders Completing class work Behaving well

13 Field Trips St. Augustine Bowling

14 FCAT Dates Writing~ February 26 - 27 Math and Reading~ April 15-19

15 Birthdays Students may bring in a treat for their birthday. Please make sure it is ready to serve. We will either enjoy the snack during lunch or outside during recess.

16 Other Projects Book Reports Florida Project Science Fair Project

17 iPad

18 Think Central

19 Homework Read 20 Minutes Nightly Homework is Monday – Thursday

20 Class Web Page Please register, it will provide you with important updates.

21 Contact Information - Phone -

22 Questions?

23 Have a wonderful evening!
Thank you for coming! Have a wonderful evening!

24 It’s a pleasure to be your child’s teacher.

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