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Welcome Back to School! 4th Grade.

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1 Welcome Back to School! 4th Grade

2 Free powerpoint template:
Teachers Mrs. O’Neill Mrs. Stockwell Free powerpoint template:

3 Free powerpoint template:
School Rules Be Safe Be Kind Work Hard Free powerpoint template:

4 Free powerpoint template:
Schedule School Hours: 8:30-3:35 AM: Science/Social Studies/Health, WIN Time, Specialists & Math Lunch: 11:45-12:25 PM: Reading, Language Arts, Spelling, Writing Alternate: Library, Guidance, Keyboarding, Study time, & Computers Free powerpoint template:

5 Free powerpoint template:
Absences If your child is absent, please call or Barbara in the office before school. ( ) When students return, they need a note from a parent or guardian. (This is in the handbook.) Free powerpoint template:

6 Change in P.M. Transportation
If your child has a change in his or her daily routine at the end of the day, he/she needs parental permission. Please send a note, call, or . We can’t always rely on . We may have a sub, the internet may be down, or we may be working with kids. We will reply if we received your . If we do not reply, call Barbara at Free powerpoint template:

7 Free powerpoint template:
Independence It is very important for 4th graders to learn independence. We are preparing them for middle school. Free powerpoint template:

8 Free powerpoint template:
Agendas Students will need to purchase an agenda for $3.00. Daily work and important upcoming dates of events, tests, etc. will be recorded in the agenda. Agendas must go home and be returned to school each day. Agendas need to be signed by a parent as often as possible, but a minimum of three times in the week. Free powerpoint template:

9 Free powerpoint template:
Folders Take home folders will be used daily for papers and homework to be taken home and returned. Check your student’s folder and agenda daily. Free powerpoint template:

10 Free powerpoint template:
Homework Homework is expected to be completed on time. Most work is to be returned the next day. Five late assignments will result in not participating in the 4th grade quarterly celebration. They may also lose recess time to complete unfinished work. Free powerpoint template:

11 Free powerpoint template:
Homework Continued A set time and place is helpful to establish a routine. There should be homework daily. If your child says the work has been completed, they still can read, study spelling words, and practice basic math facts. The national recommendation for homework is an average of 40 minutes daily in fourth grade. Free powerpoint template:

12 Accelerated Reader (A.R.)
Students are expected to have a MINIMUM of 10 points each quarter. The comprehension goal is 80% or higher. Students should read for at least 15 minutes every evening. Do some reading for fun Free powerpoint template:

13 Free powerpoint template:
Basic Math Facts Fourth Graders are expected to already know all addition and subtraction facts. The first quarter essentials requirement for fourth grade students is to know multiplication and division facts up to ten. Fourth grade students will be given 100 problems to complete in five minutes for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Free powerpoint template:

14 Free powerpoint template:
Math It is very important that students know the basic math facts to help in the daily math lessons. If they struggle with the basic facts, the multi-step math will be very difficult. We will give you a math resource packet to keep at home. It will be helpful to use when doing math homework. Free powerpoint template:

15 Free powerpoint template:
Supplies Students will need gym shoes. They maybe left at school. Water bottles are okay to bring to school with regular water only and if the container doesn’t leak. Free powerpoint template:

16 Things to Look Forward To
Field Trips Kindness Retreat (4th Grade Only - ALL DAY!) School Helpers/Jobs Character Education Powerpoints, computers, iPads, chrome books, and kindles Super Sleuth Magazine Quarterly Celebrations Book Club Writer’s Club Free powerpoint template:

17 Free powerpoint template:
More Fun Fun Projects Science Experiments Awards Career Day and Career Events Dress Up Days Field Day Middle School Visits Practicing Locks for Middle School Free powerpoint template:

18 Free powerpoint template:
Communication Communication is very important. Our web pages are generally updated weekly. Website: Phone: Agendas may be used to write notes. Free powerpoint template:

19 Thank you for coming today!
Please stop by your child’s classroom to complete important papers if you have not already. Are there any questions? We look forward to a great school year! Free powerpoint template:

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