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Open House September 11, 2012. Welcome ! I am so happy to be a part of your child’s kindergarten year! Here is some important information to share with.

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1 Open House September 11, 2012

2 Welcome ! I am so happy to be a part of your child’s kindergarten year! Here is some important information to share with you.

3 Communication/Teacher Website My email is and my phone # is (832)484-6580 Please send a note or contact the Roth front office if there is a change in how your child will get home as I may not get to check email/voicemails during the school day. My teacher website contains lots of information, including weekly newsletter, upcoming events, schedules, curriculum, and online resources. My website is

4 Supplies *Students need to bring a pocket folder and a spiral of their choice. *Each student has a pocket with their extra supplies in it. As they use up their crayons/glue I will give them more from their pocket. I will notify you when your child’s pocket is empty.

5 Parent/Teacher Conference Day November 6 th is Klein ISD’s parent/teacher conference day. There is no school for students this day. This is a time when I will have a short conference with each parent to go over academics, testing, and to answer any questions/concerns. You can sign up on a schedule for a time to meet with me at school on this day. You can also sign up for a phone conference if you cannot come to school on November 6th.

6 Academics We give report card grades in math, science, social studies, reading, language, and technology applications. Your child will received and E, S, N, or U. E=Excellent S=Satisfactory N=Needs Improvement U=Unsatisfactory

7 Tuesday Folder This is a communication tool that reports the previous week’s work and behavior. Please review papers with child and remove them from folder. Please sign the folder and return Wednesday.

8 Daily Folder This will be sent home daily to keep you informed of your child’s behavior in class that day. Please initial and send back each day. On Friday, it will contain important notes and letters so please check the folder daily. The homework packet and weekly newsletter will also be in the daily folder. The homework packet will go home on Monday and needs to be returned on Friday.

9 Class Schedule Lunch-We have lunch from 11:30-12:00pm. Please check in at the front office if you wish to eat lunch with your child. Specials-We have specials Music on Monday 9:15-10:00 & Thursday from 10:00-10:45, PE on Tuesday at 8:30-9:15 & Wednesday at 10:00-10:45, Art is on Friday from 10:00- 10:45 Snack-daily. Please send a nutritious snack and water separate from lunch. Computer will be on Wednesday from 1:30-2:30 Library will be on Wednesday from 9:30-10:00. Please return library books on Wednesday so your child can check out a new book.

10 Volunteers All volunteers will need a background check. Please see the Roth front office for background check procedures. Volunteer Opportunities –Computer lab volunteer –Parent reader –Helper at class parties/field day/kindergarten rodeo/Gingerbread Houses

11 Class Rules/Conduct Policy Class Rules Be safe (walk, stay in your place, keep your body and other objects to yourself). Be respectful (share, talk nicely, help others.) Be responsible (listen, follow directions, stay busy, finish what you start) Rewards and Incentives Consequences

12 Daily Routines and Classroom Procedures Lunch Money – Please place it in an envelope labeled with child’s first and last name and pin number if known. Absences – Please send a note with your child when they return from an absence. Tardies and early dismissals count against your perfect attendance unless you have a doctor’s note. If your child misses 18 days and they are unexcused child will repeat kindergarten. We will have no summer school next summer due to funding. Tardies – 4 unexcused tardies will result in the general conduct grade being dropped one letter grade. Birthday Procedures - Please inform lunch manager if you want to purchase cupcakes for your child’s birthday. They will pass out after student’s have eaten lunch.

13 Letter-Sound Expert Notice in folder – You will find a note in your child’s Tuesday folder that will inform you when your child will be the Letter-Sound Expert of the week. Please have them prepared for their special day. (The note provides more details about what they need to do and bring to class.) Finch’s Phonics – This is a great program that helps students remember the sound each letter makes. We teach a motion to go with each letter and its sound. Your child will teach this motion to the class as part of the letter-sound expert assignment.

14 Call for GT Referrals The GT referral window for K-11 is August 27th- September 28th. If you would like to refer your child for Klein’s Gifted and Talented Program, please stop by your home campus and pick up a referral packet. Referral packets are available in the front office. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our counselor, Stephanie Collier at 832-484-6563 or our Assistant Principal, Holly Conroy at 832- 484-6551. For more information you may also visit the KISD website. Click Departments>Advanced Academics>Gifted and Talented Referral packets must be turned in to the counselor/front office by Friday, September 21st.

15 Friendly Reminders: *Please make sure that your child wears shorts under their dress or skirt. *Please do not allow your child to wear flip flops to school. *Please keep dress up jewelry and TOYS at home. *Scholastic book club orders will be sent home once a month.

16 Thank You So Much!!!

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