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2 MEET YOUR FIFTH GRADE TEACHERS! Mrs. Elnicki teaches Science Mr. Kelley teaches Social Science and Word Study Ms. Lissak teaches Math Students will be switching as a homeroom for three 45 minute blocks.

3 FIFTH GRADE WEBSITE You can find…. 1. Homework information 2. Important Dates 3. Monthly Newsletter (no paper newsletters will be sent home) 4. SOL Review Websites 5. Library/ Research Resources 6. Individual Teacher information 7. Nine Week Plans

4 CONTACTING US To Contact Fifth Grade Teachers… Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. E-mail is the best and most convenient form of communication. Please do not e-mail any time sensitive information. Call the school. Set up a parent conference by appointment only! Please make an appointment through e-mail or by calling the school at least a week ahead of time. Monday Folders, please sign and return on Tuesday Agendas Check the website for homework updates though a child’s agenda is usually the most accurate

5 ABSENCES AND DISMISSAL INFORMATION Any changes with dismissal procedures must be sent in with a note, or you must call the office. Please, no e- mails about dismissal changes. Please contact the office and teacher anytime you know a student may be absent in advance. Please be patient with missed work requests. If a student is going home with another student, please make sure to send a note from each students’ parent.

6 CONFERENCES Link will be posted on each teacher’s webpage and are available now for sign up E-mails will be sent automatically to remind you of your conference 2 days before Can switch with another person or switch times more easily If there are no conference dates that work for your schedule, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher to set up a different time. Conferences will begin at the end of October. We are required to have a conference with all of our parents during the first quarter. After this initial conference, conferences can be made by appointment.

7 GRADING PROCEDURES 4 Point scale Formative vs. Summative vs. Diagnostic CLARITY

8 CLASS AND SCHOOL EXPECTATIONS Expectations: S- Smart Choices H-Helpful A-Achieve R-Responsible K-Kindness Consequences: -Shark Think Tank -Fun Friday privilege taken away -Note in Agenda/Monday Folder -Parent/Teacher/Student Conference

9 MSES SHARK THINK TANK School/Home communication and student reflection tool Please sign and return to your child’s homeroom teacher

10 FUN FRIDAY Fun Friday is an extra recess once a week. Fifth graders can earn this privilege by following the SHARK rules and classroom expectations. Fun Friday works on a 3 strike system. Students are given strikes when their behavior does not meet MSES expectations. Strikes are recorded in a book in the classroom and are communicated in the weekly Monday folder. Students who do not earn Fun Friday will spend that time in a quiet room working on assignments or reflecting on their behavior.

11 HOMEWORK EXPECTATIONS Expect no more than 45 Minutes of homework a night. The students are expected to be reading for 20 minutes nightly. Math Homework Nightly Word Study runs over a two week period. Spelling Tests will be every other Friday. Study for tests and quizzes, review material covered in class Missing homework will result in a strike. Communication regarding homework completion can be found in the weekly Monday folder.

12 CLASS CELEBRATIONS Three celebrations throughout the year Winter Celebration (December before winter break) Spring Party or Valentine’s Party TBD by Room parent Promotion Celebration

13 FIFTH GRADE CLASS FIELD TRIP On September 26 th we will travel to Camp Highroad in Middleburg, VA. During this field trip, the students will have many opportunities to learn more about themselves and their classmates. The students will participate in multiple team building activities that require them to problem solve to come to a common solution. The students will also learn more about the environment and take concepts they will learn in the classroom and apply it to activities throughout the day.

14 PARENT VOLUNTEERS AND EMAIL LISTS Sign Up on computer in back of the room: Room Parent Party Planner/Organizer

15 CLASS DONATIONS -Recess Equipment -Class Games -Art Supplies -Post-It Notes -Science Supplies -Computer Ink

16 READING AND WRITING Reading and Writing Workshop Students should be reading at least 20 minutes nightly Our students will participate in the school wide Reading Frenzy SOL’s Reading – May (TBD) Writing – Has been eliminated for 5 th grade

17 SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES Science -SOL in Science – May (TBD) -Science Concepts: -Earth Science/Changing Earth -Ocean Environments -Cells and Organization of Living Organisms -Matter -Light -Sound Social Studies - No SOL -Social Studies Concepts -Geography of the US -History of the US -US Regions -States and Capitals

18 MATH At home, please work on the following: -basic facts: multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction -problem solving and critical thinking skills SOL: - Math SOL- May (TBD) -Whole number and decimal computation -Measurement -Algebra -Geometry -Fractions -Problem Solving

19 QUESTIONS?? We are happy to answer any questions you have about the upcoming school year and Moorefield Station Elementary School. Please schedule a conference for any questions about an individual student.

20 BEFORE YOU LEAVE… Introduce yourself to your child’s homeroom teacher Sign up for a conference (link is also on each homeroom teacher’s webpage if you’d like to do that at home) Sign up for Class Volunteers


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