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Mrs. Bradshaw’s Class Welcome to First Grade August 25, 2011.

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1 Mrs. Bradshaw’s Class Welcome to First Grade August 25, 2011

2 All About Me… n Graduate of University of North Texas n Certifications: Elementary Education: Specialization in Reading and ESL Supplemental n 2nd year at Southridge Elementary n Before staying home with my sick son in 2008: I taught 2 nd grade at Tom Hicks Elementary for 3 years I taught 2 nd grade at Tom Hicks Elementary for 3 years 3rd grade for 2 years at Castle Hills Elementary. 3rd grade for 2 years at Castle Hills Elementary. n My website Then click on staff directory and my name.

3 Class Schedule n 7:30- Students begin coming to the classroom n 7:50 – School Begins/Breakfast is served n 8:00 – 9:30 Math Workshop n 9:30 - Reader’s Workshop/Integrated Social Studies n 11:00 - Lunch n 11:30 – Recess n 12:00 – Word Study n 12:35 – Specials (Teacher Conference) n 1:20 – Writer’s Workshop n 1:50- Science n 2:40 – Pack-up n 2:50 - Dismissal

4 Specials n C – Creative Dramatics n A – Art n M – Music n P – PE* n S-Science n *Students must have tennis shoes for PE and recess every day

5 Folders/Daily Planner n Take Home Folder- Newsletters will go home every Monday in this folder. It is to be taken home and returned every day. Important notes will also be in this folder. n Rocket Record (teal file folder) – Home daily, school-wide citizenship plan, initial and return daily n Rocket Folder (blue logo folder) – Home on Thursday return Friday, school-wide information, remove all papers, and return any paperwork n Daily Planner – Will go home everyday. Please bring $3.00 to pay for your child’s planner. n Newsletter- Will be sent home weekly. Please read for important information. A link to the newsletter can also be found on my website.

6 Classroom Expectations n We will be respectful of the rights others. n Be ready and willing to learn n Follow the teacher’s directions the first time given.

7 Classroom Management Yellow = warning Orange = loss of privilege – sit at lunch alone Red= loss of privilege and miss all or some of recess Blue = child calls parent and/or note home to parents Black – visit principal and note home to parents ***A severe behavior will warrant an immediate visit to principal’s office

8 Homework n Study spelling words. More information will be sent to you shortly concerning how spelling words will be given this year. n Read 15 minutes a night Please begin as soon as possible and sign in your child’s reading log that they have read.

9 Where we are going as a district…. n 3l2M 3l2M 3l2M

10 Grading n Name on paper: 2 pts n 90-100 Meets standards of Exceptional Quality (check +) n 80-89 Meets standards of Expected Quality (majority of students, majority of the time) (check) n 70-79 Meets standards of Minimum Quality (check -) n Below 70 Standards not yet attained See Rubric in Packet for additional information on how grades are decided.

11 Miscellaneous Items n Handwriting-please work with your child at home because your child will be held accountable n Student of the Week - complete posters at home n Sign and return progress reports and report card envelope n Attendance- Please make sure your child attends every day and comes on time. n Book orders – please make checks out to Scholastic n Illness- please do not send your child to school if he/she is ill. A child is required to be fever free for 24 hours before returning. n Student Code of Conduct is now electronic. n Please save Box Tops and bring them to school.

12 Student Birthdays/ Class Parties n Store bought treats only – Birthday treats will be given at end of day n Winter Holiday Party n Valentine’s Party n End of Year Party

13 Parent Volunteers n Join PTA n Background check –You MUST pass a background check to participate in class activities n Field Trip volunteer n Room parent volunteer n Workroom volunteer n Projects from home n Mystery Reader

14 School Business n Parking is limited – please use the Durham parking lot closest to our portables/school n Must sign in at office any time you visit – wear visitor tag n Dismissal areas – “Where do I meet my kids” – walkers: library or cafeteria doors, front for car riders n You MUST write a note to change the way your child is going home n Morning drop-off n FREE breakfast in the classroom, starts at 7:30 n Tardies – must be in classroom at 7:50

15 Conferences n 12:35- 1:20 by appointment n Before and after school with prior notice n Conference after beginning of year testing n Email – n Phone – 469-948-7344

16 Communication n All conferences must be scheduled in advance n If you would like to discuss your child’s progress please schedule a conference n All students have a right to privacy. I will not discuss or mention any other child’s name when speaking with you about your child. n Please reference website for updates and information.

17 Good night and thank you so much for coming!

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