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Welcome to Second Grade Parent Night 2014-2015. Handbooks Curriculum handbook- online now Brief overview covering each subject area Lower School handbook.

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1 Welcome to Second Grade Parent Night 2014-2015

2 Handbooks Curriculum handbook- online now Brief overview covering each subject area Lower School handbook ***Dress code-PLEASE REVIEW CAREFULLY*** Please read carefully and be mindful of what your child wears Consequences: 1st offense- verbal warning, note sent home 2nd offense- parent brings change of clothes 3rd offense- parent brings change of clothes and recess time is lost

3 Stoplight Behavior Green, yellow, and red Students start the day on green Violation of classroom, playground, or dining hall rules will result in the following order of consequences: Verbal warning, move name to yellow, move name to red Yellow behavior will result in a note or email home and 5 minutes off recess Red behavior will result in a call home from the student

4 Table points awarded for cooperation and following directions on the "Bravo Board" Every 2 weeks table with the most points earns Lunch Bunch with me Reminder note will be sent home with student day before Lunch Bunch

5 Reading Log In homework folder- turn in on Friday Students complete each night Read for 15 minutes Twice a week, students complete a reading response question.

6 Homework Agenda needs to be signed each night Math and spelling Reading every night If homework is not turned in, or agenda not signed, the next day-5 minutes out of recess

7 ***Start at 8:05- Please have your child arrive at school on time. *** Day 1- Science Lab Day 2- Music with Mrs. Bednarz’s class and Spanish Day 3- Library Day 4- Art and Computer Lab Day 5- Spanish Day 6- Music PE- Monday through Friday Specials

8 Blog 2 nd grade blog Class blog Primary communication this year 2 nd grade blog and class blog Subscribe to receive updates /second-grade Curriculum information Important dates /jcrawford Information pertaining to our class Students will start blogging later in the year

9 Field Trips Still determining field trip locations. More information to follow later in the year. Parents will be needed as chaperones. We will take Ravenscroft buses.

10 Reading Reader's Workshop Daily 5 Children are working independently and reading "just-right" books

11 Writer's Workshop Students will learn to write a variety of genres Narrative writing, information writing, opinion writing, poems (recitation will come later in the year) Encourage students to write at home Spelling instruction will focus on principles rather than individual words for a “Friday test” Writing

12 Math Everday Math Curriculum spirals Hands-on learning, games, and manipulatives Home Links Math homework directly relates to concepts covered in class that day plus review of concepts already covered Family letter at end of each unit Math Workshop model allows for differentiation based on what the students already know and can do. Daily group rotations: teacher instruction, independent work, math games

13 Arrival at School Students are expected to unpack their things quickly and come straight into the room Morning work will be to copy down homework in agenda- can be tedious process, please be conscious of getting your child to school by 7:45. Any students not in the room by the time morning announcements are over will be considered tardy We will head straight to specials. Any homework not copied in agenda will have to be completed at recess.

14 Communication The best way to reach me during the day is via email: 24 hour reply policy Phone extension: 2578

15 Birthdays We will not have special birthday snacks. You can celebrate with your child by joining him/her for lunch time. You may bring in your child's favorite lunch that day as well. Summer birthdays will be celebrated in the last 2 weeks of school. Lunch time: 12:15-12:54 Meet outside the classroom at 12:15

16 Report Cards End of 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th quarters: 1-4 scale accessible through My Household Manager portal Conferences November 6 January 29 April 1 Schedule will be posted on My Household Manager. Schedule will stay the same for all three conferences. Rescheduled conferences- email me

17 Volunteers Room Parents (2) Room parents will be responsible for coordinating all other volunteers throughout the year. This includes any holiday parties, special events, Time Machine project needs/helpers, etc. Holiday parties: Winter holidays, Valentine’s Day

18 Absences Send me an email if your child is going to be absent. Missed work/homework can be picked up in the front lobby basket If given enough advanced notice, work can be sent home with siblings Missed work can be sent home upon return and given extra days to complete and return

19 Carpool changes Best way to ensure safety and your child getting home correctly- notify me and Robbin King in the front office. If via email, send to me and copy Robbin on the communication so that I can notify your child promptly. If via phone call to front office, Robbin will pass along the message to me so that your child knows.

20 Scholastic Orders Monthly flyer will be sent home Preview books in flyer or online Purchase ONLINE using class code Class points will accumulate and allow for classroom book purchases Optional purchases

21 Remind 101 Quick reminder alert system One-way text message from an assigned class number Subscribe via text code (see handout for code) Web and App based

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