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Welcome to Parent Night! Mrs. Wilson Fourth GradeRoom 18.

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1 Welcome to Parent Night! Mrs. Wilson Fourth GradeRoom 18

2 Daily Schedule Morning: –Silent reading –Spelling –Specials –Math –Language Afternoon –Leveled reading –Science/Social Studies –Study! Monday: Tuesday: Art Wednesday: P.E. wear sneakers Thursday: Library and Music Friday: Computer lab

3 Leveled Reading New this year Begins next Monday, August 17 th 1:20-2:15 p.m. Your student may be seeing a different teacher Benefits each student individually

4 Study Hall Also new this year! Last 20 minutes of each day All fourth and fifth grade classes Chance to begin homework in class Aid of teacher Encouraging every child to succeed

5 Homework Monday through Thursday Math, Spelling, and Reading Other assignments as needed

6 Grading Policies Standard letter grades Informal grading No name papers, -11% Late papers –One day late, -11% –Two or more days late, -50% Graded work folders –Sent home Mondays –Returned on Tuesdays “F” papers may be redone(not tests) –Other redo opportunities possible Online grades

7 Fourth Grade Curriculum Sitton Spelling/ Everyday Spelling, Everyday Math Science..Hands on experiments Six Traits of Writing –Writing projects…. Research Papers Anthology and Literature sets –Book projects Arizona History Curriculum based entirely on the Arizona State Standards

8 Good Behavior Table points Treasure box Verbal praise Positive notes/calls home Cool points Clean desk awards

9 Questionable Behavior 3 strikes, you’re out! –Warning –Miss recess 10 min. –Miss recess 30 min. –Sent out of classroom (office), phone call home,

10 Special Events Gingerbread Houses Fourth Grade Musical Kartchner Caverns Rockets Guest Speakers Birthdays –Appropriate treats Tax credit donations!!! Specify “Mrs. Wilson’s Class”

11 Scholastic Book Orders Online ordering only this year Website and password sent home with first catalog Bonus points benefit your child!!

12 Miler’s Club Get fit! Tuesday and Thursday mornings Parents can walk for our class! Track team We’re going to win this year!

13 Website Check often for updates (saves paper!) Make use of educational practice on website for your child Grades Class letter check monthly

14 Volunteering White sheet –Fill out and leave on desk Begins as soon as schedule is made Office staff and specialists need volunteers too! –By helping them, you are helping your child

15 Conferences September 15-18 Contacting Me: 696-3818 Room 18

16 Wish List Tax credits! Chart on board Any donation truly and deeply appreciated THANK YOU FOR COMING TONIGHT!

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