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South McKeel Academy Parent Night 2nd Grade

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1 South McKeel Academy Parent Night 2nd Grade
Welcome to Mrs. Case’s Class! South McKeel Academy Parent Night 2nd Grade

2 Classroom Information
Communication: The best way to contact me is via or a note in your child’s agenda. Class & School Procedures: Agendas: Sign each night after reviewing your child’s homework and behavior. Weekly folders will come home each Tuesday containing school information and your child’s graded work/class work for the week. Please sign and return the next school day along with any graded work with a grade of D or U. Attendance/Tardiness can hurt a student’s academic performance; please have your child at school when possible. Class Website will cover general weekly class information. Homework: Covers concepts taught during the week. Please have your child read minutes silently/orally with you each night. Volunteers must be approved! Please note areas of interest on our Classroom Volunteer Information Form. Classroom Celebrations/Parties will be announced by way of class letter. Personal Birthday Invitations must be mailed. Invitations may not be distributed at school. South McKeel celebrates students’ birthdays at the end of the month in the cafeteria. Cell Phones/Gaming Devices should not interfere with learning. If they do so, the office may call you. If a cell phone is needed for your child’s afterschool security, it needs to remain off during the school day.

3 A = 100-90 B = 89-80 C = 79-70 D = 69-60 U/F = 59 and below
Grading Policy Second grade is harder than first grade. Graded work includes tests, projects, class work, and any other assessment deemed important by the teacher. Homework is reflected in the participation grade. Reading grades include written reading tests as well as oral reading assessments. Second grade also uses an independent student “cold-read” assessment given periodically. Spelling will be included in the Language Arts grade on our report card this year. Math unit assessments will be given as we progress through concepts. Math facts are NOT graded. Students progress through Addition, Subtraction, Mixed Facts, and Multiplication. Must have a C average (2.0) or higher in individual subjects of Reading, Math, Science, and Writing to be considered for promotion. E=Excellent G=Good S = Satisfactory N = Needs Improvement A = B = C = D = U/F = 59 and below * Jupiter Ed will be our new grading system this year. Interims and report cards will be sent out via . Our first Interim Reports will be sent out on September 18th; instructions on how to access your child’s grades/discipline will be sent out on September 19th. Please allow 1-2 weeks for grades to be posted.

4 Special Scheduled Times
8:00-8:30 Activity in Duty Teacher’s Classroom 8:35-3: School Begins/Ends Daily: 11:46-12:11 Lunch - You are welcome to join your child (after September 9th)!  Monday: 10:30-11:15 Music 11:20-11:35 Recess 12:40-1:25 PE Tuesday: 10:20-11:05 Technology 11:05-11:20 Recess Wednesday: Thursday: 10:00-10:20 Library Friday:

5 Discipline/Behavior Students earn $1.00 a day
Consequences: Fines - 25 cents each offense Green Happy Face = No card change, no fines Yellow Straight Face = 1 card change, 25 cents fine Blue Sad Face = 2 card changes, 50 cents fine, loss of recess/some privileges Red Sad Face = 3 card changes, 75 cents fine, loss of recess/all privileges Rewards: Students with no fines during the week ($5.00 earned) will earn a trip to the treasure box! Students earning $4.00 or more for the week may participate in “Friday Friendship Activities”!

6 Look here! Field Trips: Volunteer Areas:
December – EPCOT ~ Christmas Around The World January – Alafia Rendezvous April – Legoland Volunteer Areas: Homeroom Parent/ Co-homeroom Parents Weekly Folders Book Cook Volunteers Materials Field Trip Chaperones Buying Wish List Items Tutoring/Small Group Help Occasional Help/Other

7 If you would like to volunteer, please indicate your preferences on
our Classroom Volunteer Information Forms. You may leave a note for your child on his/her desk using the blank stationary sheet/envelope. Don’t forget to check out our Class Wishing Stars too.  I am looking forward to a wonderful school year! Thank you so very much for coming!

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