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Interactive Notebook Betsy Sanford Lost Mountain Middle School 2015-2016.

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1 Interactive Notebook Betsy Sanford Lost Mountain Middle School 2015-2016

2 Have you ever heard yourself say...

3 Get it together with your Your key to success in science

4 What is an Interactive Notebook? A personalized textbook A study guide A working portfolio – all of your notes, class work, labs Convenient – all in one spot

5 Left Side – Right Side Orientation The right side is input –It contains notes and information –It contains procedures and directions –It is what the teacher or text has given you The left side is output –This side is to show what you know; your work –You will create something here –You are processing the knowledge in some way

6 Right Side Reserved for the teacher Nothing should be placed on this page except notes and handouts Odd-numbered pages

7 Examples of Right Side Assignments Notes Study Guides Procedures Directions Articles

8 Left Side The left side belongs to you It contains your all of your work Even-numbered pages

9 Examples of Left Side Assignments Summaries Compare/Contrast Illustrations Webs, Diagrams Reflections Foldables

10 Student Materials Mead, 5-Star, 5-Subject COLLEGE- RULED (8.5” X 11”) notebook Glue sticks (large) Pencils and/or erasable pens Colored pencils Highlighters

11 Maintaining the Interactive Notebook Use for science class only Write your name on the cover in permanent marker Number all pages now Leave the first 15 pages blank If a page falls out, glue it back in

12 What if I miss a day? Obtain the right side materials from the teacher Complete the left side materials as soon as possible Place all work on the correct page

13 What if I forget my interactive notebook? During class, complete all work on notebook paper For homework, glue your work and the right side information into the interactive notebook on the correct page

14 What if I lose my interactive notebook? Stay before or after school to re- create the interactive notebook from the master copy Table of contents poster in classroom and on blog

15 Grading Every 2 weeks Warm up check Organization check

16 The Left Side What goes on the left side? Output – the ideas and information that come from your brain Use color Examples: –Brainstorming –Concept Maps –Quick Writes –Graphic Organizers –Data and Graphs –Homework –Class Work –Anything You Create

17 The Right Side What goes on the right side? Input – the information that is given to you by an instructor or others Use highlighters Examples: –Cornell notes –Vocabulary words and meanings –Lab or activity instructions –Handouts


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