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Interactive Student Notebook

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Interactive Student Notebook

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1 Interactive Student Notebook
Your Key to success in Mrs. Bowen’s Language Arts class

2 Have you ever heard yourself say . . .
I can't find my . . . notes, homework, old quizzes . . . I can't remember what we did in class yesterday. I'm sure its in . . . my locker . . . my book bag . . . my room . . . I was absent last week, did I miss anything?

3 Get it together with your
Interactive Notebook

4 What is an Interactive Notebook?
A personalized textbook A working portfolio – all of your notes, classwork, quizzes – in one convenient spot.

5 Left Side – Right Side Orientation
The Left side is “left” for you. This is the side that you can use to show me your creativity. The Right side is “Restricted” and contains teacher guided notes. Nothing else should be placed on the Right side!!

6 Left Side The left side belongs to you. It contains your warm-up (question mark) and the day’s activity (light bulb). On this page you may include diagrams, cartoons, drawings, poems, foldables, etc. Even Pages

7 Examples of Left Side Assignments
Warm-Up Webs Diagrams Poems Reflections Comics

8 Advertisements

9 Illustrated Outlines

10 Sensory Figures

11 Sensory Figures, cont.

12 Concept Map

13 Acrostics

14 Comic Strips

15 Venn Diagram

16 Right Side The right side belongs to me and should only contain teacher directed guided notes. Nothing else should be placed on this page! The right side contains the notepad icon and will contain all the testable material. Odd Pages

17 Examples of Right Side Assignments
Notes Study Guides Vocabulary

18 Student Materials Mead 5 Star Notebook Erasable pens Colored pencils
Glue sticks (2 per month) Scissors Highlighters

19 Maintaining the Interactive Notebook
No ripped out pages or torn corners No doodling that doesn’t relate to notes Notebook should only be used in Language Arts. (No other classes!!) Date and number each page

20 Step 1: Label the first six pages using Roman numerals as shown below…
Step 1: Label the first six pages using Roman numerals as shown below…. i(R), ii(L), iii(R), iv(L), v(R), vi (L) i ii iii

21 Step 2: After vi (L), number the right side
Page beginning with #1(L). Number from Ex. 1 (r) (l) (r)… etc 1(r) 2(L) 3(r) Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents

22 Step 3 Go back to pg. i at the beginning
In large, colorful letters write the following: YOUR NAME: SUBJECT: ENGLISH PERIOD:

23 Step 4: Go to p. vi. In the center, write
‘ISN Notebook Check Grade Report” -This is where your graded monthly rubrics will be stored.

24 Step 5: Go back to page 1 (r). At the top center, write TABLE OF
CONTENTS In the right margin, write PAGE -Do this for pages 1(r), 2(l), 3(r),

25 Example: 1(r) vi pg Table of Contents

26 Step 5: Go back to page v. and attach the Rituals and Routines Power Point handout that you received the first week of school using your glue stick. -Because there is important information on the back, you will create a valley fold at the very top, apply glue to the fold, and attach so that it can flip up.

27 Step 6: -Attach your syllabus to page iii using your personal stapler.
-Read over your syllabus with a partner. Highlight important things that you will need to know to be successful in 8th grade ELA.

28 Step 7: Assignment: On page ii of your ISN, draw and illustrate a postcard to someone that you know. Tell them about your new class and include four things you will need to know and do to be successful. Note: Remember the Left hand side is yours. Be creative and COLOR WITH PURPOSE!!!!

29 Homework: P. iv should be titled ‘ALL ABOUT ME.’
Write a paragraph that describes who you are. Feel free to glue pictures of yourself or things that you like to this page. Remember, this page defines who you are. COLOR WITH PURPOSE!

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