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Interactive Notebook The Instructional Tool that has something for everyone.

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1 Interactive Notebook The Instructional Tool that has something for everyone

2 Have you ever heard a student say… I can’t find my…notes, homework, assignment… What did we do in class yesterday? I was absent yesterday, did we do anything? I need another copy of….I lost mine.

3 Get it together with an

4 What is an Interactive Notebook?  A personalized textbook  A working portfolio – all of their notes, class work, quizzes – in one convenient spot.

5 Left Side – Right Side Orientation  The Left side is “left” for the student. This is the side where the student can show some creativity. These are the odd numbered pages.  The Right side is “Restricted” and contains teacher guided notes. These are the even numbered pages.

6 Examples of Left Side Assignments  Warm-Ups  Webs  Diagrams  Poems  Reflections  Comics

7 Right Side  The right side should only contain teacher directed guided notes.  For example: notes, study guides, vocabulary

8 Students will need  Notebook  Pens or pencils  Colored pencils  Glue sticks  Scissors  Highlighters  Access to a stapler and hole punch

9 Maintaining the Interactive Notebook  No ripped out pages or torn corners  No doodling that doesn’t relate to notes  Notebook should only be used for your class  Date and number each page  List pages/descriptions on a table of contents kept at the front of the notebook

10 Math Example

11 Another Math Example

12 History Example

13 Another History Example

14 English Example

15 Another English Example

16 Science Example

17 Another Science Example

18 Video Overviews  From a history teacher: From a history teacher:   For a Science class:  ext=1&list=PL834F4975D28438E3&feature=results_video ext=1&list=PL834F4975D28438E3&feature=results_video

19 Your Turn (aka: Toby’s Adventure Trail)  Using your own curriculum and the supplies on your table, create an interactive notebook page.  The right will be information you give to your students – lecture, guided reading, vocabulary…  The left will be an activity that causes the students to interact with what is on the right side. They might use pictures, organizers, foldables, poetry….  The end result will be an exemplar you can use with students.

20 Discussion Questions:  1. What benefits do you see for you and for students if you implement an interactive notebook system?  2. What problems do you anticipate? And What can be done in order to overcome those problems?  3. How can you incorporate a lesson you will teach soon into an interactive notebook?

21 Before you go…  1. Conversation with the Coach (in your folder) – fill in the first available square with a question/comment for Tara. Leave it in your folder.  2. Instructional Coach letter – FYI. Please let me know how I can help you and/or your groups/teams.  3. Data team 2 month plans – give to Tara or leave in your folder.  4. Clock hours yellow ½ sheet – turn in with clock hour form  5. Return folder to the crate  Please clean up your area

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