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Interactive Student Notebook World History

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1 Interactive Student Notebook World History
Miss Bonner’s Class Room 403 West Johnston High School

2 Have you ever heard yourself say . . .
I can't find my . . . notes, homework, old quizzes . . . I can't remember what we did in class yesterday. I'm sure its in . . . my locker . . . my book bag . . . my room . . . I was absent last week, did I miss anything?

3 What is an Interactive Notebook?
A personalized textbook A working portfolio – all of your notes, classwork, quizzes – in one convenient spot.

4 Left Side – Right Side Orientation
The Left side is “left” for you. This is the side that you can use to show me your creativity. The Right side is “Restricted” and contains teacher guided notes. Nothing else should be placed on the Right side!!

5 Left Side The left side belongs to you. It contains your warm-up and the day’s activity. On this page you may include diagrams, cartoons, drawings, poems, foldables, etc. Odd Pages- 1,3,5,7,9….

6 Examples of Left Side Assignments
Warm-Up Webs Diagrams Poems Reflections Comics

7 Advertisements

8 Illustrated Outlines

9 Sensory Figures

10 Concept Map

11 Acrostics

12 Comic Strips

13 Venn Diagram

14 Right Side Even Pages- 2,4,6,8…
The right side belongs to me and should only contain teacher directed guided notes. Nothing else should be placed on this page! The right side contain will contain all the testable material. Even Pages- 2,4,6,8…

15 Examples of Right Side Assignments
Notes Study Guides Vocabulary

16 Student Materials Mead 5 Star Notebook (Or any 1-3 subject College Ruled spiral bound notebook at least 100 pages.) Pens and pencils Glue sticks Highlighters

17 Maintaining the Interactive Notebook
No ripped out pages or torn corners No doodling that doesn’t relate to notes Notebook should only be used in Social Studies. (No other classes!!) Date and number each page

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