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Culinary & Catering Interactive Student Notebook A Key Element to Success.

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1 Culinary & Catering Interactive Student Notebook A Key Element to Success

2 Have you ever heard yourself say...

3 Keep it all together with your

4  A personalized, clear, student-created textbook and study tool  A working portfolio -- all of your notes, handouts, classwork, reflections, etc. -- in one convenient spot

5 Left side items are the students… REFLECTIONS …output Right side items are things from the teacher and text to be learned… TESTABLE ITEMS …input L EFT SIDE R IGHT SIDE

6 Right Side  The right side “belongs” to Mrs. Wright and the text.  The right side has “testable” information.  The right side has a toolbox with vocabulary, etc.  Teacher guided graphic organizers & foldables

7 Examples of Teacher Right Side Content  Notes  Vocabulary  Handouts / Study Guides  Graphic organizers  Content to go on a foldable  Reading Comprehension Qs

8 Left Side  The left is for “Your Way” of understanding the material.  The left side belongs to YOU!  The left side is where you record your PROCESSING of the teacher- provided notes, handouts, etc. (i.e. of the right side items).

9 Examples of Student Left Side Work/Products  Completed graphic organizers  Foldables  Your re-writing of notes into your own words and/or with illustrations and examples  Brainstorming  Mnemonic devices  Songs, Poems, Raps

10 More Examples of Left Side Work/Products  Journal entries  Reflections  Informative Character illustrations  Informative setting illustrations  Cause & Effect flow charts  Plot timelines

11 Sample Venn Diagram

12 Student Supplies  100-150pg. Spiral notebook OR composition notebook (1 per semester)  pencil bag of supplies

13 Pencil Bag Contents  Colored Pencils  Highlighters of various colors  Glue sticks or tape  Hand-held pencil sharpener  Colorful Post-It® notes (optional)

14 Maintaining the Interactive Notebook  Date and number each page  No doodling that doesn’t relate to notes  No ripped out pages or torn corners

15 Components of your Interactive Notebook  First Page – “Me Poem” and picture of yourself  Table of Contents – Leave the first 2 FULL pages empty to create a running table of contents.

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