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Interactive Notebook Your Key to Success in Social Studies.

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1 Interactive Notebook Your Key to Success in Social Studies

2 Have you ever heard yourself say...

3 What is an Interactive Notebook? A personalized textbook A working portfolio – all of your notes, classwork, quizzes – in one convenient spot. DO NOT lose it or come to class without it! Also – do not use it for any of your other classes.

4 Colors help the brain remember! Use at least 4 colors when completing an assignment that requires color. You may also want to use different colored pencils for important words or facts BUT…………………………………. NO NO NO NO NO markers or gel pens!

5 GRADING Your IAN will be collected periodically and graded for a classwork grade!

6 ABSENT? If you are absent or missing something from your notebook, it is your responsibility to go to the blog, check with your study buddy, and go to your folder to get the missing assignment.

7 Maintaining the Interactive Notebook No ripped out pages or torn corners No doodling that doesn’t relate to notes Notebook should only be used in Social Studies. (No other classes!!) Number each page Keep up with the TOC (Table of Contents)

8 (Cover) SS IAN ( write with sharpie/marker)

9 (Back) Full name Period ( write with sharpie/marker)

10 Author’s Page 1 ( Write your full name and draw or write 4 things about yourself - use COLOR)

11 Pocket Keep your Warm Up Sheet in the pocket of your IAN until it is taken up. (Usually on Fridays)

12 Number Pages 1-10 1 - Author’s Page

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