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Interactive Notebook Your Key to Success in Social Studies.

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1 Interactive Notebook Your Key to Success in Social Studies

2 Have you ever heard yourself say...

3 Get it together with your

4 What is an Interactive Notebook? A personalized textbook A working portfolio – all of your notes, classwork, quizzes – in one convenient spot.

5 Left Side – Right Side Orientation The Left side is “left” for you. This is the side that you can use to show me your creativity. The Right side is “Restricted” and contains teacher guided notes. Nothing else should be placed on the Right side!!

6 Left Side The left side belongs to you. It contains your space (question mark) and the day’s activity (light bulb). On this page you may include diagrams, cartoons, drawings, poems, foldables, etc. I will give you the assignment to complete on this side. This side helps me see that you have understood a learning episode’s material that has been covered. Odd Pages

7 Examples of Left Side Assignments Warm-Up Webs Diagrams Poems Reflections Comics

8 Advertisements

9 Illustrated Outlines

10 Sensory Figures

11 Sensory Figures, cont.

12 Concept Map

13 Acrostics

14 Comic Strips

15 Venn Diagram

16 Right Side The right side belongs to me and should only contain teacher directed guided notes. Nothing else should be placed on this page! This side will contain all the testable material that you can expect to see on formatives and summatives in this class. STUDY THESE PAGES. Even Pages

17 Examples of Right Side Assignments Notes Study Guides Vocabulary

18 Student Materials Composition Book Pencil Colored pencils Glue sticks Scissors Highlighters I will have the bottom four bulleted items in my class for you to borrow but if you want your own feel free to bring them to class.

19 Maintaining the Interactive Notebook No ripped out pages or torn corners No doodling that doesn’t relate to notes Notebook should only be used in Social Studies. (No other classes!!) Date and number each page

20 WILL THESE BE GRADED? Yes, At anytime I may collet them for a formative grade. Word of advice….ALWAYS BE PREPARED

21 END OF THE YEAR At the end of the year I will collect Interactive Notebooks and give a prize for the most organized, colorful, and complete notebook.

22 Do You Have Any Questions?

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