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Interactive Science Notebook 8 th Grade Science Mrs. Kaminer.

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1 Interactive Science Notebook 8 th Grade Science Mrs. Kaminer


3 Interactive Notebook! Even though we may not think it, scientists are very organized. One tool they use to keep organized is a notebook. Their notebooks contain their closely guarded secret findings, and sometimes patented solutions to problems. YOU are a scientist! Believe it or not! So you will be required to maintain a science notebook for your 8 th grade science class. Everything you receive in my class (pretty much) will become part of your notebook. Now you will have a prized possession just like other scientists!

4 An interactive notebook (INB) is your own personalized DIARY of learning about science! A portfolio of your work in ONE convenient spot. This is great for studying for upcoming quizzes & tests A great ORGANIZATIONAL tool that gives you permission to be PLAYFUL AND CREATIVE in your responses without "messing up" your notes. Allows you to be like a REAL SCIENTIST!


6 The L eft SIDE “ L OVES” YOUR work. This is the side that you can use to show me your creativity. This is your “output” or product side. The R ight side is “ R ESTRICTED” and contains only information given by me, Mrs. Kaminer. Nothing else should be placed on the RIGHT SIDE!! The notebook is divided into TWO sections.

7 LEFT side “loves ” YOUR work = OUTPUT RIGHT side is “restricted” to Mrs. Kaminer’s INPUT WARMUP #1 Fill in the missing word. Decomposer Producer Consumer Plants are ____. Lions, tigers, and bears are ____. Worms and mushrooms are____

8 The LEFT SIDE belongs to you. Every left side page gets used! Always use color and organize helps the brain learn. Output exercises: One Word/One Image Summaries, Tables/Graphs, Venn Diagrams, Pictures/Drawings, Poems/Raps/Quotes/Songs/Cartoons, Mnemonic Devices, Thinking Maps, and Reflective Statements! ODD PAGES =1, 3, 5, 7, 9…YOU GOT IT..

9 This is how the LEFT side of your notebook should look. INCLUDES:  Output Exercises!(Listed Before)  Reflective Statements!  Any Other Personal Connection to the Information!

10 The day’s activity is also placed on the LEFT side of the notebook. This section acts as a reinforcement for the RIGHT side. This side will be hands on learning as you are creating pretty much everything that goes here!

11 Thinking Maps Drawings/Illustrations Poems, Rap Songs Cartoons/Comics Weird Thoughts/Ideas Foldables Reflections YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO BE AS CREATIVE AS YOU WANT TO BE





16 The RIGHT SIDE belongs to me, Mrs. K, and therefore should only contain information given or “input” from me. This is the ESSENTIAL information that will be used in class and could potentially be on a quiz or test. Nothing else should go on this side. Even Pages = 2,4,6,8..YOU KNOW IT.

17 Notes from – Powerpoints – Movie/Video – Article Readings Scientific vocabulary exercises All lab instructions/ directions Study Guides

18 “INB's are easy to do and worth a lot of points, so take time and effort to do them well.“ "Always update your table of contents so papers don't get messed up - or in case of an INB check.“ "An INB is a great tool, keep it organized!“ "You have to spend quality time on your INB.“ "Don't leave your INB until the last day, otherwise you may be up to the early morning hours finishing assignments.“ "Colorize things. It looks so much better that way” "Keep it in order, because you never know when a notebook check might come up.“ "Do not save your INB until the last minute. Remember, it counts more than a test."

19 Scissors colored pencils Erasable pens & pencils NO CRAYONS! NO MARKERS! They bleed through! 1- SUBJECT composition Notebook Glue stick or tape (several thru the year) HIGHLIGHTER

20 Starting with the 1 st page, number the first 100 pages. The 1 st page is 0 – EVEN numbers will always be on the RIGHT and ODD numbers on the LEFT. Number at the TOP OUTSIDE CORNER of every page. 2 AUTHORS PAGE “ALL ABOUT YOU PAGE” 1 Inside front cover 0 Interactive Notebook Guidelines (Pasted)

21 Sample Author P a g e

22 Mrs. Kaminer Period ALL Science Interactive Notebook

23 For the front of your INB… White/colored paper taped or glued to the front cover “Interactive Science Notebook” “Your NAME” “Mrs. Kaminer” “Period __” TWO OR MORE SCIENCE PICTURES: – You can draw, get them from a magazine or print from the Internet. TWO PERSONAL PICTURES – Interests/Likes – Portrait/Actual Photos – You can draw, get them from a magazine or print from the Internet. COLOR! – 4 Color Minimum! My Name My Grade

24 (Pages 1-14 will be REFERENCE PAGES) At the top of PAGES 1-4, write Table of Contents. Divide each page into 3 columns: Date, Description, Page # 12 Table of Contents

25 DATEDescriptionPAGE # 1234 Table of Contents

26 Do not RIP OUT pages or tear corners All handouts MUST BE GLUED/TAPED IN! Please don’t DOODLE unless it relates to science Your INB should only be used for SCIENCE CLASS and LEFT IN SCIENCE CLASS EVERYDAY! Your INB should go home to study for a test or complete homework ONLY!! Each page should have the DATE, PAGE# and TITLE Write ALL entries in the Table of Contents BE COLORFUL & LOVE YOUR NOTEBOOK

27 Something to remember, since you would be lost without your science notebook, leave your notebook at school in science UNLESS you have homework to complete or a test to study for! If you fail to bring your notebook to class, you are putting yourself in jeopardy; meaning you will lose 5 points for not having it!

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