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Reporting Statements, Questions, Commands, Requests and Suggestions.

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1 Reporting Statements, Questions, Commands, Requests and Suggestions

2 REPORTED SPEECH What is it ? How do you use it? We use it when we want to tell another person about a conversation that took place in the past (e.g telephone call, news or a story that someone told us, etc.) Where’s Tom? He said he was feeling ill.

3 Changes: while Reporting Direct Speech  Verb Tense (when the Reporting Verb is in the Past Tense – most times. See next slide )  Personal Pronouns, Possessives (In a logical way, see every sentence)  Demonstratives: This  That These  Those  Time & Place Expressions

4 DIRECT SPEECH REPORTED SPEECH ' I know quite a lot of people here.‘ Ashis said. Present Simple Simple PastAshis said that he knew quite a lot of people there ‘Ravi is feeling much better ' Raghu said. Present Continuous Past Continuous Raghu said that Ravi was feeling much better ' I enjoyed my holidays in Ooty‘, Swami said. Simple PastPast PerfectSwami said that he had enjoyed his holiday in Ooty. ‘Abu wasn´t feeling very well ' The teacher said. Past Continuous Past Perfect Continuous The teacher said that Abu hadn’t been feeling very well ' They‘ve seen the Taj Mahal' Sinu said. Present Perfect Past PerfectSinu said that they had seen the Taj Mahal. ' I have been waiting for ages’ Anu said. Present Perfect Continuous Anu said that she had been waiting for ages ' Nobody had warned them about the Tsunami ' The politician said. Past Perfect (No change) The politician said that nobody had warned them about the Tsunami. ' She had been reading all day ‘, Habeeba said. Past Perfect Continuous (No change) Habeeba said that she had been reading all day Changes in Verb Tense, Possessives Past Perfect Continuous

5 ' I will be here with you.' Radha promised me. Future Simple Conditional Radha promised that she would be there with me ‘Gopi is going to study Tamil ' Saleem said. Be going to Was/Were going to Saleem said that Gopi was going to study Tamil MODAL VERBS: ' We can start the lesson' Samuel said. CanCouldSamuel said that they could start the lesson ' They may come home ' My husband said. May Might My husband said that they might come home ' You must be quiet in class ' The teacher told us. ‘ I’ll see you later!’ She said. Must Will/ Shall Had to Would The teacher told us that we had to be quiet in class. She told that she would see me later.

6 Changes in Time and Place expressions: TimePlace Now Ago Then Before herethere todaythat dayThis town/ garden... That town/ garden... tomorrowthe following day OR the day after These cities/...Those cities/... yesterdaythe previous day OR the day before last week/ month/... the previous week/ month... OR the week before Next week / month/... The following week / month OR the week/ month after

7 Statements are Affirmative or Negative Sentences. We use a Reporting Verb + That (it can be omitted) + Subject + verb in Previous tense +... - “The students are tired”- said the teacher The teacher said (that) the students were tired. - “It’s the funniest show I’ve ever seen” -Minu told me. Minu told me (that) it was the funniest show she had ever seen. - “ I’ll call you this afternoon” - Venu assured Venu assured us (that) he would call us that afternoon. REPORTING STATEMENTS

8 * The most common ones: Told, said, answered, admitted, added, explained, denied, observed, replied, remarked Followed by THAT ( Remember it can be omitted) Reporting Verbs Usually Used

9  YES / NO QUESTIONS: “Are you just coming to the class?” Samuel said to Swami. Samuel asked if/whether Swami was coming to class. (No Question Mark) “Have you written anything about our teacher, Samuel?” Swami asked his father. Swami wanted to know if his father had written anything about their teacher Samuel. REPORTING QUESTIONS Reporting Verb + If or whether + Subject + Verb +...

10  WH- QUESTIONS: “Why are you late?” Samuel asked Swami. Samuel asked Swami why he was late. “Why did not Columbus come to India, sir?” Swami asked. Swami asked his teacher why Columbus hadn’t come to India. Reporting Verbs asked, enquired, wanted to know, interrogated Reporting Verb + Question Word(s) + Subject + Verb

11 The Imperative changes into ‘To Infinitive’: Samuel said to Swami: “Open your hand”  Samuel commanded Swami to open his hand. Father said to Swami: “Dress up and go”  Father told Swami to dress up and go. “Don’t shout”, Samuel said.  Samuel ordered Swami not to shout. Reporting Verbs: Tell, ask, beg, invite, warn, order, command, instruct,... REPORTING COMMANDS (ORDERS)

12 (We normally use suggest that + Clause Let’s, why don’t we, shall we, why not… are omitted) “Let’s go to the beach” “Why don’t we go to the beach?” “Shall we go to the beach?” She suggested that we (should) go to the theatre “Let’s not argue again,” he said. He suggested that they should not argue again. REPORTING SUGGESTIONS:

13 We use these Reporting Verbs: beg, ask, demand, request + (not) to The word “please” is omitted. “Can I go out tonight, mum, please?” The boy begged. The boy begged to go out that night. “Ravi, don’t open the window, please” I said I asked /requested/begged Ravi not to open the window. “Can you let me use your phone, please?” I asked my neighbour. I asked my neighbour to let me use her phone. “Can I use your phone?” I asked my neighbour I asked my neighbour if I could use her phone OR To use her phone REPORTING REQUESTS

14 Anu: Would you wait half an hour? Tomy: All right Tomy agreed to wait half an hour. Sunil: Would you lend me another Rs.50? Jasim: No, I won´t lend you any more money Jasim refused to lend Sunil any more money. You took my money!  He accused her of taking his money I am sorry I’m late  She apologized for being late Let me pay, please  She insisted on paying Other Verbs & Structures: Agree, refuse, offer, promise, threaten, warn + To Infinitive: Accuse of, admit, apologize for, deny, insist on + Gerund

15 End Prepared by Abdul Hakeem. C.P G.H.S.S Narikkuni

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