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Welcome. REPORTED SPEECH Reporting affirmative statements.

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1 Welcome

2 REPORTED SPEECH Reporting affirmative statements

3 REPORTED SPEECH What is it ? How do you use it? If we want to tell another person about a conversation that took place in the past (e.g telephone call, news or story that someone told us etc.) we use this kind of grammar. Where’s Tom? He said he was feeling ill.

4 My favourite film is on TV tonight. I love comedies. Mr. Raju said that his favourite film was on TV that night. He said that he loved comedies. Look at the example. Raju

5 What has changed? Pronoun:Myhis I he Tense:iswas loveloved Time words:tonightthat night becomes

6 In the Reported Speech we use the past tense. am /is was arewere has / havehad seesaw can(’t)could(n’t) will/won’twould(n’t) becomes

7 Changes in verb tenses dodid (Present Simple)(Past Simple) am /is doing was doing (Present Continuous)(Past Continuous) are doingwere doing (Present Continuous)(Past Continuous) has / havedonehad done (Present Perfect)(Past Perfect) becomes

8 If we want to report a sentence that is already in the Past Tense, we normally use the Past Perfect. He said he had seen the film the week before. I saw the film last week.

9 Changes TimePlace nowthenherethere todaythat daythisthat this weekthat weekthesethose tomorrowthe next day yesterday the day before the previous day last weekthe week before

10 Exercises Swami: i can’t go so late to the class. Swami said that he couldn’t go so late to the class. Swami: I have a headache. Swami said that he had a headache.

11 Exercises Swami: I wouldn’t like to go late to Samuel’s class. Swami said that he wouldn’t like to go late to Samuel’s class. Swami: The Geography teacher has been teaching the same lesson for over a year now. Swami said that the geography teacher had been teaching the same lesson for over a year now.

12 Exercises Swami: I am not shouting, sir, this is my ordinary voice, which God has given me. Swami told his teacher that he was not shouting, and that was his ordinary voice, which God had given him.

13 Exercise Swami: I can’t believe it, it is unbelievable, sir. Swami told Samuel that he couldn’t believe it and it was unbelievable. Samuel: If you get up again I will cane you. Samuel warned Swami if he got up again he would cane him.

14 Report the Following sentences 1. Swami: I want to answer, sir. 2. Swami: My father has sent a letter for him. 3. Peon: Your teacher will be here in a second. 4. Peon: You can give the letter to the assistant headmaster. 5. Swami: I will give this to the headmaster as soon as he is back.

15 Prepared by Abdul Hakeem. C.P G.H.S.S Narikkuni For more slides on Reported Speech- visit

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