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Hello. My name is Mrs. Philpot’s Class Southside Elementary 3 rd Grade August 13, 2014 Look for your nametag and have a seat.

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2 Hello. My name is Mrs. Philpot’s Class Southside Elementary 3 rd Grade August 13, 2014 Look for your nametag and have a seat

3 Mrs. Philpot

4 Keep hands, feet, and objects to self. Follow directions the first time given. Use kind words and actions at all times. Stay focused during all instructional activities. Respect yourself, others, and your school.

5 In this class, we will use a clip chart! We will all start out on “ready to learn” and will be given the opportunity to move up the chart throughout the day for good choices. There are rewards for making good choices! If you make a poor choice, you will be asked to move down the chart. Moving down the chart has consequences.

6 Outstanding2 tickets & a special pencil Great Choices2 tickets Good Choices 1 ticket Ready to Learn WarningJust a warning Consequences2 laps at recess Parent ContactCall parents/walk all recess

7 You will be learning all about reading strategies and diving into some great books with Mrs. Marshall this year! She told me she is super excited to work with you this year!

8 You will be learning some fantastic math strategies, along with being fluent in different operations with Mrs. Philpot this year! We will work a lot in learning groups and practice math through technology and fun games! It’s going to be a great year!

9 We will practice spelling and grammar together in homeroom this year! Be prepared to learn some extraordinary new words and learn how to spell them too! You will be able to surprise your family and friends with your splendid new vocabulary!

10 What fun you will have doing interesting investigations this year with Mrs. Philpot in science! You will be working with fun materials and record data about what you are learning! It’s bound to be great fun!

11 8:10-8:30 Morning Routine/Morning Work 8:30-9:30Success Time 9:30-9:40Bathroom Break 9:40-10:20Specials 10:20-11:30 Rotation 1 11:30-12:00 Grammar/Spelling/Writing 12:00-12:30Lunch 12:30-1:40Rotation 2 1:40-2:10Science 2:10-2:35Read Aloud 2:35-2:50Recess 2:50 Afternoon Routine

12 We have 4 specials classes and will operate on an ABC schedule! The four specials classes are; PE Computer Lab Art Music

13 You will receive many grades this year on the outstanding work that you will do! Here is the grading scale; 100-92 A 83-91 B 74-82 C 65-73 D below-64 F

14 Every school night you should read for 20 minutes! Try reading to a friend or a family member and then talk about what you read. You will also receive a homework menu every month that has fun learning activities you can do for extra practice! Sometimes you will have a special take home project to do!

15 Procedures To make sure that our classroom stays happy and healthy, we must follow certain procedures! Pay close attention to these procedures, because we will be playing a game later!

16 Morning Routine You will come to the room using level zero. You will be expected to go to your assigned locker and will deposit your jacket/coats and backpacks. At this time you will need to gather all necessary items for the school day. You will need to make lunch choices. You will be expected to go directly to your seat. While at your seat you will be expected to have your take home folder and planner out on your desks to be checked. If you are responsible for a classroom job that needs to be completed in the morning, you can do so after your agenda has been checked. You will be expected to complete your morning work each morning.

17 Afternoon Routine At 3:00, the teacher will instruct students to go to their lockers and retrieve their belongings. At 3:05, students will be expected to be at their desks with belongings/homework packed up. Students will be expected to be attentive during afternoon announcements by putting their head down on their desk. When the first bell rings students who are dismissed at this time will walk to their bus. When the second bell rings the class will walk in a line without shoving or running to the buses.

18 When going to the carpet walk quietly and find a seat near someone who will not distract you. Criss Cross your legs and put your hands in your lap. Sit up showing the speaker that you are interested in what they have to say. When you wish to share with the group raise your hand and wait to be called on. Make sure that what you have to share is on topic. If you have something that you want to share, but it is not on topic, write it on paper later for me to read. While listening to others be respectful by not making noises, rolling your eyes, or speaking without raising your hand. When leaving the carpet follow teacher directions quietly. Carpet

19 Bathroom If the you need to use the restroom use the appropriate hand signal to show the teacher that you need to excuse yourself. If your teacher approves, take the appropriate bathroom pass and walk to the restroom. You will not be allowed to go to the bathroom (unless it is an absolute emergency) during whole group instruction or carpet time.

20 Recess Stay within the fence at all times. Respect others while playing. Use the equipment wisely without pushing. Use the swings without jumping out of them. Classroom rules are expected to be followed at all times, including recess. Any and all personal sports equipment should be left at home. Walk up to the line when the whistle is blown.

21 Line up quietly without pushing or running. Put your hands in your pockets, at your sides, or behind your back to resist the temptation to touch the walls or your neighbor. Face forward directly behind the person in front of you. Remain on level zero throughout the hallway. Only stop at the water fountain if you have been given permission. Stop at assigned stopping points until teacher has signaled to go on. Always walk on the right hand side of the hallway. Hallway

22 Most sharpening of pencils will be done at the end of the day or first thing in the morning by the pencil sharpener helper. If you need a sharpened pencil you may go to the front of the room and take one from the “sharpened pencil” jar and place the unsharpened pencil in the “needs sharpening” jar. If a sharpened pencil is needed and the sharpened pencil contained is empty, the student is expected to use the appropriate hand signal. Pencils

23 Ms. Philpot’s Class

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