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Procedures There are many procedures that everyone will need to follow in this class. They will help make your life easier and will keep our classroom.

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1 Procedures There are many procedures that everyone will need to follow in this class. They will help make your life easier and will keep our classroom running smoothly. 

2 Bell work/Entering Class
Each day there will be bell work, located on the front wipe board. -The procedure is to come into class quietly, sit in your assigned seat, get out materials and immediately begin the bell work.

3 Bathroom If you need to use the restroom please hold up this sign:

4 Bathroom Please have your “Passport” part of your agenda filled out! Then, when I have seen this signal, I will nod. You can put a stamp on my signature or I will initial it. You must sign the time you leave AND return. NO EXCEPTIONS! You must also sign out on the “Bathroom Sign Out” sheet located by the entryway. Only two people, one boy and one girl, may ever be out using the restroom at a time. If both are gone, you must patiently wait until someone returns. Please do not interrupt a lesson to use the restroom, unless it is an absolute emergency. Thank you!

5 Getting Your Attention
If I need everyone’s attention, I will raise my hand. When I raise my hand, you need to: Freeze and stop what you’re doing Stop talking Look at me Raise your hand Quiet other people around you and signal them to look at me too.

6 Late Passes/ Tardies If you enter the classroom after the bell rings, please DO NOT talk or disturb the class in any way. Follow these procedures: Tardies If you arrive to class after 8:45AM, I will mark you tardy and send you down to the office. If you are tardy numerous times, you will be assigned a detention (new this year). Late Passes If you are late to class and have a pass, please put it on my desk.

7 Absent Work If you are absent, first check the “Calendar” AND “News” pages online to see what you missed. When you return to school, check the absent folders for any handouts you missed. The folders are labeled Monday-Friday. Ask a friend/neighbor if there was anything else that you missed. Then, if you have any questions, please come see me  Please do the above FIRST!

8 Late Work/ Missing Work
Any work turned in after I collect it is considered late unless you were absent. It is still your responsibility to turn the missing work into me. Once the concept has been tested or assessed, I will no longer accept the assignment as late. Instead, a zero will be given for the missing work (This is primarily for guided reading). You will also receive a signature in your agenda. *Remember, you can ONLY have FIVE signatures in your agenda if you would like to come for team rewards or the Quarter Parties* I know you will have no signatures  Make good choices!

9 Reading Corner The Reading Corner is a place just for you!
You must respect the couch, posters, bookshelf and books at ALL times. Not doing so will result in the loss of using the Reading Corner. The reading corner is a place for you to sit and read comfortably and quietly.  You may go to the reading corner when it is your turn when: You SHOW ME you are finished with the day’s assignments When it is a designated reading time/writing time You may not go and sit in the reading corner during classroom instruction (mini lessons). Only two students at a time are permitted in the reading corner.

10 Throwing Things Away/ Sharpening your pencil
Please do not get up to throw something away while I am teaching or someone is speaking in front of the class. Please do not sharpen your pencil while I am teaching or while someone is speaking in class or speaking to the class. You may do these things before class, after class or when the lesson is over and you are working. You should always have an extra writing utensil just in case. ABSOLUTELY NO “Basketball Shots” into the trashcan!

11 Checking Out Books from the Classroom Library
Feel free to check out any classroom books in either library (hall or classroom). You must sign out the book on “Miss Griffin’s Classroom Library Form.” PLEASE put all books back by the last name of the author. If you do not know the author’s last name, please put the book in the “Return Bin.”

12 Borrowing Materials Please ask me before you borrow any of my things. I have labeled everything to help you find things easily. Please ALWAYS return all borrowed materials and put them back in their proper place. Stealing and/or misusing any materials will result in the loss of using/borrowing any classroom materials for the rest of the year and a referral.

13 Asking Questions You may always ask me questions, but before you do, try the following: Think about the question to see if you can answer it yourself. Ask three other people before asking me. However, you must ask them at appropriate times and talk quietly enough so that you do not disturb others.

14 Consequences ONE warning. Sign agenda Lunch Detention Call home Office
*Severe Clause* Severe Behavior = Immediate Action

15 Dismissal The time does NOT dismiss you. I do.
You are not permitted to leave until I dismiss you. Before you leave, please push in your chair/put it up (if at the end of the day), straighten your desk, etc. Pick up a few things off the floor (EVEN IF IT ISN’T YOURS) I will not let you leave until these things are done.

16 When I am not in the room You are to be in your assigned seat.
You are to be silently working on something or doing something productive. You are to continue to follow all classroom rules and procedures.

17 Guest Teachers I was a guest teacher!
Please always be kind/respectful to the guest teacher at all times. Please help the guest teacher with anything he/she needs. You know the routines  I will tell the guest teacher to write names down of students who do not act appropriately. If I find that your name is on his/her list, you will not participate in team rewards/quarter party. If a guest teacher signs your agenda, IT STAYS THERE! NO EXCEPTIONS!

18 Following Procedures Following the procedures =
A wonderful classroom atmosphere/environment  Confident and productive students  A very happy teacher  A fabulous school year!!!!!!!! Note: Other procedures will be added if needed.

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