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ASSIGNMENT Begin on page 197 “The Foundation”.

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1 ASSIGNMENT Begin on page 197 “The Foundation”.
Complete “Footing and Foundation”, “Floor and Wall Frame”, “Roof Frame” Label each part of the diagram and color each part a different color. On the back of the page describe the purpose of each part.

2 Objective 6.02 part 1: Recognize components of construction

3 The Foundation 1. Anchor bolts 2. Sill sealer 4. Sill plate
5. Foundation wall 6. Footing 3. Rebar

4 The FOUNDATION of a House
The underlying base of the house Consists of footings and foundation walls Footings are usually concrete and reinforced with rebar.

5 Concrete Footings

6 Footers

7 3 Foundation Types Basement Crawl Space Slab

8 Basement Best on land with a steep grade
Makes getting to the mechanics of the house easy Safest place in house in case of a storm.

9 Basement

10 Finished Basement

11 Crawl Space Best for land with small grade Can be used for storage
Makes pipes and wiring under the house easy to get to.

12 Crawl Space

13 Slab Most economical if land is “on grade” (almost flat)
There is no space under the house like in a basement or crawlspace.

14 Slab

15 The Frame 1. Double top plate 2. Stud 8. Header 3. Header
4. Window opening 9. Door opening 10. Header joist 5. Rim Joist 14. Sole Plate 15. Sub floor 11. Sill plate 6. Floor Joist 12. Sill sealer 7. Girder 13. Foundation

16 The FRAME of a House The skeleton (bones) of the house
Built on top of the foundation walls.

17 Sill Plates: The first piece of lumber, bolted to the foundation, and supports the outside walls.

18 Joist: horizontal support for the flooring

19 Girder: Horizontal board that supports the load of the floor joists

20 Subflooring: Plywood sheets nailed directly to the floor joist
Squeaky floors are usually a sign of problems with the subflooring.

21 Wall Frame Built on top of the floor frame
Made from vertical 2x4’s or 2x6’s called STUDS and horizontal pieces called PLATES.

22 Headers: beams that carry the load of the structure over doors and windows.

23 3. Ridge Board 4. Rafter 5. Ceiling Joist 1. Double top plate 2. Studs

24 Roof Frame Made of a series of beams, called RAFTERS
RAFTERS support the weight of the roof and go from the exterior walls to the ridge.

25 TRUSS RAFTERS: triangular framework for the roof; assembled at a factory and delivered to the site.

26 Truss delivery

27 Truss installation

28 How to Build a House in 7 1/2 Minutes

29 Footings Foundations Wall Frames Roof Frames

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