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Grimsby Secondary School TCJ3C

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1 Grimsby Secondary School TCJ3C
Floor Framing Grimsby Secondary School TCJ3C

2 BALLOON FRAMING An older style of framing in which the studs in the bearing walls are run uninterrupted from the sole plate up to the roof plate. The floor joists are nailed to the studs. Quality of longer materials not as available 1 x 4 let into the framing for diagonal bracing.


4 PLATFORM FRAMING Frame of the building is raised one story at a time with studs that are a single story high. The walls for each story are set over the underlying joists and subfloor Floors are complete and independent of the walls Subfloor extends to the outside edges of the building. Each level of the house is constructed separately. Build walls on floor and tilt up into place.


6 Floor Frame Members Girders Posts or columns Sill plates Joists
Floor frame consists of: Girders Posts or columns Sill plates Joists Bridging Subflooring

7 GIRDERS (Beams) Larger principle beam made of steel or wood supported by posts/columns or piers which support the floor joists Can be recessed into foundation wall ␣ Joists will set on top of girder Can sit on top of foundation wall Joist will hang off side with Joist Hangers

8 GIRDER COLUMNS Girders may be supported by steel columns
Column size determined from blueprints

9 Types of Girders Solid lumber Glue-laminated (GluLam)
Composite beams Parallam (PSL) Micro-Lam (LVL) Steel I-Beams

10 Sills Often called Sill plates or Mudsills Usually 2x6
Provide bearing for floor joists Sill is attached with anchor bolts. Size number, and spacing of bolts is determined by OBC.

11 FLOOR JOISTS Series of parallel support beams which support floor loads and which are supported by Girders, or bearing walls. Solid Dimensional lumber (2x __) ␣ Wood I-beams Open Web Floor Truss Steel Joists

12 Bridging Joists have a tendency to sway and deflect over long spans
Bridging stiffens flooring Solid wood 2” X 2 “ diagonal cross bracing

13 The end

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