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Architectural Drawing

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1 Architectural Drawing
Sectional View Drawings

2 Foundation Construction Practices
How do I develop appropriate foundation details?



5 Dimensioned Floor Plan Sectional View
Tells HOW the walls, roof, foundation are built. Shows exact structural components Tells WHERE all walls, windows and doors are placed Walls are drawn to represent thickness and surface treatment (brick, siding) Sectional views are slices of the floor plan

6 Vocabulary CMU- concrete masonry unit- a block
Parging- cement coating on outside of block- used to help seal from moisture. Footer- foundation structure that house is built upon. Footer Drain- stone and pipe used to channel water away from foundation.

7 Footer Calculations: The footings for the house need to carry the load of the house. Improper footings may lead to house movement, sinking and cracking. The image to the left shows calculations for proper footing sizes.

8 How do I develop sill and wall details?
Vocabulary: Sill- Wood that contacts the foundation. Plate- Top and bottom of wall section. Stud- Vertical members of a wall. O.C.- Measurement feature “on center”. R- Values- Insulation value of a material.




12 How do I develop ceiling and roof details?
Vocabulary: Cornice- edge of roof detail. Pitch- angle of a roof- expressed as rise over run. Base 12 Soffit- horizontal surface under an overhang Fascia- vertical surface of an overhang (where the gutter hangs)

13 Rafters and Ceiling Joists
“W” Truss



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