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Welcome to Back to School Night! Ms. Sherretz’s First Grade Sea Star Classroom.

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1 Welcome to Back to School Night! Ms. Sherretz’s First Grade Sea Star Classroom

2  Born and raised in Indiana. Moved to Key West a little over 2 years ago.  Graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education.  This is my 2 nd year as a lead teacher.  Worked 1 year as a support teacher.  I have 6 nephews and 1 niece who I miss and adore! Who is Ms. Sherretz?

3  How will we communicate?  Phone: (305) 294-1861 (Call school, leave message with the office, and I will call you back)  Email:  (Email is preferred)  Written Notes: Briefcase  Conferences  Jupiter Grades Welcome to First Grade!

4 Arrive, unpack, and start morning work Morning Meeting: Morning Message, Greeting, Share Specials: P.E., Library, Science Lab, Art, Music, Computer Lab Reading Workshop: Mini-Lesson, Guided Reading, Independent Reading, Partner Reading, Reading Conferences, Reading Centers Lunch/Recess Writing Workshop: Mini Lesson, Independent work in folders using the writing process, Writing Conferences Science/Social Studies Math: Mini-Lesson, Partner Games, Independent Work, Small Group, Calendar Math Dismissal A Typical Day in the Sea Star Classroom

5 Monday:  Science Lab Tuesday:  Art  PE Wednesday:  Library Thursday:  PE Friday:  Music  Science Lab Our Specials!

6 All students will have a blue Homework Folder that will stay in their briefcases in their backpacks! One side is for Reading and Writing, the other side is for Math. Reading and Writing: All Students need to read for 20 minutes every night! Write at least 1 book every night in your Reading Log. Discuss the book with your child using the provided question sheet. Reading Logs will be checked every Monday. You can print more copies from our website as needed. On Monday, you will receive a new Scholastic News issue to read and complete during the week. It will be checked and a new one will be given every Monday. You can read Just Right books on RAZKids. Login information will be provided. Math: On Monday, you will receive a new Math Question of the Week to complete during the week. It will be checked and a new one will be given every Monday. Optional Practice- gray math workbook pages will be sent home at the beginning of every chapter. You can do a page or 2 at your leisure. You can keep them in your homework folder or keep at home. You can practice math skills on IXL. Login information will be provided. Homework

7  Go Math Prep! (Current at home task)  Our Math Workbooks have finally arrived! Please let me know if you are interested in taking books home to tear out/staple workbook pages together for each chapter.  Cafeteria Volunteers!  Send me an email if you would like to volunteer in the cafeteria. Our lunch is at 10:55.  Reading with students!  Dr. Lloyd will be here soon to train parents interested in this. I will email you when I know more!  Photocopiers/Laminators!  A lot of our work is with hands on materials that don’t require paper/pencil, however I will be needing support in this area soon as we start word sorts and are in full workshop mode. We will need centers created and maintained  Mystery Readers  At least once a month, we can have a parent come surprise the class (schedule is prearranged) to read 2 books and do a quick craft or activity. Mystery Readers send in 5 clues for the class to try and guess who they are! Volunteer Information!

8  Grade level information and tabs across the top for each teacher! Classroom Website

9  Birthdays: We will celebrate your child’s birthday with the healthy snack you provide. The original snack provided that day will be saved for the event that a child doesn’t like a certain snack or a family forgets!  Morning Arrival: Please meet Mrs. Rynard at the blacktop to drop off your child. Please do not bring your child to the classroom in the morning.  Tardies: Go to the office to check in if arriving after 8:10.  Absences: Please read the school policy on our website.  Lunch: Review the menu each week on the Scoop  Money: Put money in an envelope with your child’s name, amount, and purpose  Transportation: Write a note if there are changes  Get a good night’s sleep and be ready to have fun learning!  Eat a healthy breakfast! Please Remember

10  If you haven’t already, please sign up for a conference time using the sheets on the back table. Conference Schedule

11  In Reader’s Workshop, we are currently working on setting goals and building our reading stamina! Once we reach our 30 minute goal, I will send out an email inviting all of our Sea Star families to the classroom to celebrate our success. We will all enjoy some time eating healthy treats and reading with our children! Mark Your Calendar!

12  Thank you for coming tonight! I look forward to working with all of you as a team to make each and every child in the Sea Star classroom successful and happy! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me. I will be sure to get back to you as promptly as possible. Thanks again!  Don’t forget to use the papers at your table to leave your child a note for them to enjoy tomorrow!  September Scholastic Book Order: Due Tomorrow! Thank you for coming!

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