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Back-to-School Night 2010 Mrs. Francis 4rd Grade.

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1 Back-to-School Night 2010 Mrs. Francis 4rd Grade

2 All About Me My name is Mrs. Francis This is my fifth year teaching at CVCS I grew up in Huntington Beach, CA I graduated from Cal State San Marcos Bachelors degree in Liberal Studies Special field Arts and Education Minor in Visual and Performing Arts Clear California State Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

3 As Your Teacher I Am Dedicated To: Your child’s spiritual development Your child’s academic progression Your child’s individual needs as a child and a learnerindividual needs Discovering your child’s talents Challenging your child to new intellectual levels Effective communication between home and school

4 Classroom Rules Be respectful Listen and follow instructions the first time Raise your hand Walk Have fun

5 Standards All teaching is based on the California State Standards for fourth grade All teaching is based on the California State Standards for fourth grade The students will be daily assessed on their progress towards meeting these standards The students will be daily assessed on their progress towards meeting these standards

6 The Token System Positive reinforcement Day Tokens: Daily reward for multiple positive behaviors Take a Shot If students complete their homework on time for one week they may take a shot. If they make it they earn 5 tokens. Friday token count Group with the most tokens goes to the treasure box

7 CLIP CHART Clip Jar --------------------------------------Lunch with Mrs. Francis Off the Chart--------------------------------choice of : Good Note or 3 tokens 3 tokens Above and Beyond-------------------------2 tokens You’re Awesome---------------------------1 token Doing Good ---------------------------------Everybody starts here Warning Lose 5 Minutes of Recess Red Note= note goes home to parents please sign and return Detention

8 Super Star Awards Each week one student is picked that represents a character trait. Honesty Respect Generosity Acceptance Self-Control Cooperation


10 Grades Check Net Classroom! A: 90-100 A: 90-100Outstanding B: 80-89 B: 80-89 Above average Above average C: 70-79 C: 70-79 Average Average D: 60-69 D: 60-69 Below average F: Below 60 F: Below 60Unacceptable

11 Homework Monday-Friday 40-60 minutes Practice and enrichment in 1-2 areas each night Develop good study habits Finish unfinished work from class Homework written on homework sheet. Students will log all their homework on this sheet. You may also view the homework online within my weekly lesson plans. Please make sure to write down how much time your child is spending on their homework. Please have an adult sign that they completed their homework.

12 Homework Policy Complete all assignments. Late work 10 % will be taken off all late work. Work that is more than 10 days late will receive no credit. Students will not be able to take a shot. Graded work will be returned to you every Friday in their Friday packets. You may make up any work 69% or below for half the difference. You must request this via e-mail and give Mrs. Francis 1 week to provide copies of the make-up work. Make sure to return test packets Please keep a box that contains these packets of work Please go through their work with them each week. See Daily Work Packets in welcome packet Make sure to check grades on Net Classroom

13 Pull Out Schedule MondayTuesday Wednesday ThursdayFriday Piano11:10-11:4011:25-11:40 Math Lab (Jiji) 11:00-11:301:30-2:00 Computer Lab 10:30-11:20 Library12:25-12:55 P.E.1:05-1:35 Chapel12:30-1:00

14 Quizzes and Tests Every week: Memory Verse Test –Thursday: Oral + extra credit –Friday: Written Spelling Test –Wednesday Includes around 30 words. Pre-Test is given on Tuesday. If they get 100% they do not have to take the test Wednesday. Students will also be graded on their spelling and punctuation within dictated sentences. There will be 2 or 3 dictated sentences given with the spelling test on Wednesday. All other quizzes and tests: –Will give notification one week in advance. This information may be found in the weekly newsletter.

15 Book Reports and Projects BOOK REPORT DUE DATES: November 1st – Island of the Blue Dolphins January 24 th –Written Report -Fiction June 3 rd - The Great Horned Spoon PROJECT DUE DATES: April 29 th – California 3-D Project May 31 st –State Notebook Due (We will work on this throughout the year) IN CLASS PROJECTS: October – California Cookie Project November/ December –Mission PowerPoint Project

16 Birthdays Many students bring a treat for their birthday. Please give me 2 days before you bring in any treats. On the day that refreshments are sent, we will usually eat them the last recess of the day. Please make sure to bring a healthy alternative for students that would prefer this option.

17 Field Trips December -San Juan Capistrano Mission May 18 th -20 th -Sacramento/ San Francisco Trip

18 Parties Sign Up at the Back Table! Thanksgiving- November 19 h Christmas- December 17 th Valentine’s Day- February11 th Easter- April 15 th

19 Flag Ceremony Dates October 1 st January 7 th April 1 st

20 Study Assistance Papers

21 Math Groups and Sign Up Sheets

22 Communication RED FOLDERS RED FOLDERS Friday Newsletters Friday Newsletters Friday Packets Friday Packets Homework Sheet Homework Sheet Net Classroom Net Classroom Net Classroom Net Classroom E-mail E-mail Website Website Website

23 Thank you for coming to Back-to-School Night! This is going to be a year of wonderful academic progress and character growth! This is going to be a year of wonderful academic progress and character growth!

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