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Understanding Drugs and Medicines

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1 Understanding Drugs and Medicines

2 1. What is the difference between a drug and a medicine?
Drugs are substances that cause a change in a person’s physical and/or psychological state. Medicines are drugs that are used to cure, prevent or treat illnesses or discomfort

3 2. What is a side effect? What are some common side effects of medicines?
An effect caused by a drug other then the intended effect Common side effects are headaches, sleepiness, diarrhea, nausea

4 PRESCRIPTION (OTC) Over-the-counter
3. What is the difference between prescription drugs and over the counter drugs? PRESCRIPTION A written order from a doctor for a specific medicine. Over-the-counter (OTC) Medicines that can be bought without a prescription.

5 What do the following types of common medications do for our body?

6 Analgesics They relieve pain Three Types: Aspirin Acetaminophen

7 ANTIHISTAMINES They block the action of the chemical, histamine, which causes allergy symptoms

8 ANTACIDS They work against stomach acids which can cause heartburn

9 How do drugs enter your body?
Inhalation The drugs enter the body through blood vessels in the lungs when it is inhaled. Implanted Pumps Surgically implanted specialized pumps inject drugs directly into a specific part of the body. Injection The drug is injected by a hypodermic needle.

10 How do drugs enter your body?
Transdermal Patches (Absorption) The drug is packaged into patches that are placed on the skin Topical Application The drug is applied directly to certain areas of the body and absorbed into the skin. Ingestion The drug is swallowed and absorbed through blood vessels in the intestines.

11 Prescription Medicines
What information does a prescription have? The medication The dose When you should take the medicine How often you should take the medicine The length of time you should take the medicine

12 5. What is the difference between a generic medicine and a brand name medicine?
Generic drugs are made by a company other than the company that developed the original medicine. They are chemically identical to the original drug and have the same active ingredients. The difference may be in the inactive ingredients, things that give the pill it’s shape, color, size.

13 6. Allergic reactions can range from very mild to life threatening.
What is the most serious allergic reaction called and what are the symptoms of it? Anaphylactic Shock – effects the entire body including itching all over, swelling, especially in the mouth and throat, wheezing or difficulty breathing, pounding heart, fainting and unconsciousness. ***VIDEO*** Click on picture *


15 7. What are drug interactions?
Happens when drugs react with another drug, food or dietary supplement. Could increase (SYGERGISM) or decrease the effect of a drug.

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