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Drugs as Medicines Coach Graner Health Class Notes.

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1 Drugs as Medicines Coach Graner Health Class Notes

2 1. Prescription medicines can be dangerous if not taken properly. 2. The effect of drugs depends on why a person takes that drug? 3. The action of a drug depends on whether it is taken with meals. 4. People who drink alcohol often need higher doses of certain drugs than other people.

3 5. Generic Drugs are exactly the same as their brand name drugs….only cheaper! 6. Drug companies can produce drugs and sell them to the public without approval. 7. Over the counter drugs can be bought by anyone. 8. Drug misuse is when a person takes a drug for its designed purpose but, that drug does not work.


5  Drugs – Substances taken into the body that change one or more of the bodies functions.  Medicines – Drugs used to help cure, lessen the effect, relieve, or prevent diseases.  Inflammation – Pain and or swelling caused by irritation.  Aspirin – Drug the relieves the pain or swelling and lowers fever.  Reyes Syndrome – When aspirin is given to a person with chicken pox it can cause a person to have brain damage or liver failure.

6 Preventive – Vaccines are used to create immunities to diseases Cure – Certain medicines like penicillin kill off bacterial infections Relieve – Lesson pain or swelling or allow body to function.

7 When a person uses a drug for a purpose a lot of times that drug also produces undesirable effects as well.

8  Name as many different side effects as you can

9  Swallowed – Liquids, Pills, Capsules  Injected – Fluid goes into blood stream  Inhaled – absorbed into blood stream  Transdermal – Absorbed through the skin

10  Tolerance – when a user needs larger amounts of the drug to get the necessary effects.  Addiction – Physical or Psychological craving for higher and higher amounts of a drug.  Drug Synergy – Combination of the action two or more drugs. Making the drugs to act differently than the intention of why drug was used.  Antagonist Drugs- Drug that opposes the action of another drug

11 1. What are some side effects of cold medicines? 2. Write an example for types of medicines used for each form of drug usage Inhaled Injected Swallowed Transdermal

12  FDA – Food and Drug Administration Government agency that makes sure that all drugs are “SAFE” and “Effective” for the general public. They also continue to monitor drugs after they are on the market.

13 SAFE Causing no undue harm; part of the legal requirement for a drug. EFFECTIVE Having the medically intended effect. (Does what it is supposed to do)

14  Dose – the amount of drug taken. This includes times per day, amount of medicine in each serving.  Lethal Dose – amount of drug necessary to produce death

15  Antibiotics – Drugs used to kill off bacteria  Anesthetics – Drugs that kill/dull pain; can be where a person is unconscious or conscious.  Local Anesthetic – Person is conscious during procedure.

16 Over the counter drugs OTC Drugs that are legally available without a prescription Self diagnose to get desired results.  Under the counter also known as:  Prescription Drugs – Need a physicians prescription to get the drug from a pharmacy.  Dosage is determined based on age, weight, gender, and other drugs taking at that time.

17 Brand Name Drugs name given by the developer/drug company More expensive to buy Generic Name Chemical name of the drugs. Never begin with a Less expensive to buy

18 Active Ingredient The Ingredient that is in both Generic and Non- Generic Drugs It is what produces the drugs desired effects Inactive Ingredient These can give medicines qualities other than medical effects. Examples can be: Oils, Colors, Water, Waxes, flavorings


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