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Drugs Health Grade 8 Week 4.

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1 Drugs Health Grade 8 Week 4

2 What are drugs? In today’s world, you hear a lot about drugs. You hear about all kinds of drugs from drugs that are used to treat diseases and save lives to illegal drugs that can cause many problems. But what is a drug?

3 What are drugs? Many different substances are considered drugs. But what is it about these substances that makes them drugs? A drug is any chemical substance that causes a change in a person’s physical or physiological state. You should only take drugs to treat an illness or a disorder.

4 How Drugs Enter the Body
Some drugs, such as drops or ointments, are applied directly to a certain area. These drugs do not enter the bloodstream.

5 How Drugs Enter the Body
Drugs that are smoked or inhaled are absorbed into the bloodstream through vessels in the lungs.

6 How Drugs Enter the Body
Some drugs are injected through a needle. Drugs enter the bloodstream more quickly than any other way and usually have a stronger effect than other drugs.

7 How Drugs Enter the Body
Drugs that are swallowed travel through the stomach and intestines. From here, they are absorbed into the bloodstream.

8 Using Drugs as Medicine
Medicine is any drug that is used to cure, prevent, or treat illness or discomfort. Following instructions when taking medicine is very important.

9 Prescription Medicine
A prescription is a written order from a doctor for a certain medicine.

10 Over-The-Counter Medicine
An over-the-counter medicine can be bought without a prescription.

11 Drug Interactions Sometimes, the effect of a drug can be different from expected if the drug is taken at the same time as another drug.

12 Side Effects A side effect is any effect that is caused by a drug that is different from the drug’s intended effect.

13 Drug Abuse & Addiction Drug abuse is the misuse of a drug on purpose or the use of any illegal drug. Drug addiction is the uncontrollable use of a drug. Dependence on a drug means needing the drug in order to function properly. There are two types…

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