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Understanding Drugs and Medicines

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1 Understanding Drugs and Medicines
Chapter 9 Understanding Drugs and Medicines

2 Analgesic A medicine that relieves pain

3 Stimulant A drug that increases alertness

4 Vaccine A medicine that prevents infection in people exposed to infectious agents

5 OTC Over the Counter A medicine available without a prescription

6 Prescription Medicine
A drug that required a written order from a doctor because it treats serious health conditions or is a very powerful medicine

7 Sedative A medicine that causes Sleepiness

8 Addiction A condition in which a person cannot control his or her drug use.

9 Active Ingredient A chemical that gives a drug its action

10 Drugs of Abuse VS Medicines
Drugs of abuse have no medical purpose, while medicines treat, prevent, or cure illnesses

11 Medicines People may have Allergic reactions
Anaphylactic shock (Anaphylaxis is a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. It can occur within seconds or minutes of exposure to something you're allergic to) Side effects

12 Testing of Medicines Test on cell cultures Test on animals
Tests on healthy humans Clinical Trials

13 Medicines Before taking medicines prescribed by your doctor you should: Ask the doctor if you can take a generic form of the medicine Ask the doctor if there any side effects Ask the doctor what to do if a side effect occurs

14 Chemical Messengers Help the brain process information and affect emotions are released at synapses

15 Medicines Must be safe to use Must be effective
Must have only minor side effects

16 Drug Origins Natural sources Laboratories

17 OTC Medicines Decide what works best for you
Read the list of uses to find out if the medicine will relieve your symptoms Decide whether you want generic or brand name medicine

18 Methods used to administer medicines
Implanted pumps Inhalers Injections Oral Transdermal patches lotions

19 Addiction Avoid drugs

20 Drug Withdrawal The unpleasant symptoms drive the addict to take more of the drug to relieve the symptoms

21 Experimentation with Drugs
Can lead to more regular pattern of abuse Pleasure can lead to repeated use resulting in tolerance and then physical dependence Adolescent brains are more vulnerable to the effects of drugs than adult brains are

22 Test Tomorrow Chapter 9

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