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MARKETING. Advertising media are channels of communication Information travels through them to consumer.

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2 Advertising media are channels of communication Information travels through them to consumer

3 Publications Newspapers Reach a large audience Just about anyone can place an ad in a newspaper Newspapers are divided into sections that are useful in promoting different kinds of products Newspapers vary based on: How often they are published Their size Geographic area they cover (national, regional, local) Whom they are intended to target

4 Publications Magazines Appeal to a very specific target audience i.e. Golf Digest for golfers, Teen Vogue for teenage girls Can be classified based on the audience they reach: Consumer magazines For personal enjoyment – People, Sports Illustrated Business magazines Appeal to individuals in different industries or a general population of workers – Business Week, BrandWeek

5 Broadcast Media – considered a “time” media not a “space” media because the ads last only as long as they are on the air Television (Mass Media)+ Experience color, sound, and action making them easy to remember and believable The most influential, best selling type of advertising media Channels are chosen based on type of audience and cost Network TV (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX) reach a broad audience but are extremely expensive Cable TV channel s target a more specific audience and are less expensive Local TV targets a specific geographic and is the least expensive

6 Broadcast Media Radio Effective and affordable way to reach your target market Targets a specific audience through he stations format Trends: National Radio Broadcasting over the Internet

7 Direct Mail Printed Mail Ex. Sales letters, catalogs (niche), flyers, postcards, etc. Small businesses like to use because it is relatively inexpensive Can be viewed as junk mail if it is not sent to the right people Electronic Mail (e-mail) Popular because it is quick, easy and inexpensive Can end up in SPAM folders - to avoid this ask customers to sign up for newsletters and ads (opt-in email marketing)

8 The Internet Has became the fastest growing media outlet Can target a specific audience and track response Ex. Business websites, ads on others’ websites or search engines, etc.

9 Out-of-Home Exists to reach people when they are away from home Ex. Billboards, Signs, Transit posters (on things that move – i.e. bus, taxi, blimp, etc.), humans holding signs, etc.

10 Other Media (includes anything that has not been discussed previously) Directory Advertising – informs on how to contact the business with phone number, address or website Phone books (Yellow Pages) can target specific geographics Specialty Media – reminds people of your business, must have three criteria: Have the businesses name or logo on it Must be a useful item – i.e. pen, shirt, cap, etc Must be given away

11 Other Media (cont.) Telemarketing Calling prospective customers and providing a 1-800 number for them to call Movie Theater Advertising Before the film, posters & standups in the lobby Other Media (cont.) DVD & CD-ROM Advertising Free to introduce the product to the customer Product Placement Manufacturers pay for the their products to be used as props in movies, TV, and computer games

12 Ads in Virtual Worlds Companies creating avatars for businesses – i.e. Second Life SMS Text Sending ads through text messages Cheap and can target a specific audience Consumers avoiding ads Do not call list Spam filters Pop up blockers DVR – but do you still catch the brands while you are fast forwarding?

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