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What Makes a Good Ad?. Advertising  Goal A good ad will encourage consumers to remember the product.

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1 What Makes a Good Ad?

2 Advertising  Goal A good ad will encourage consumers to remember the product

3 Rules for a Good Ad A ttention I nterest D esire A ction

4 Attract Attention Print Ads  A good headline that mentions the brand works well  Rarely more than 7 words Broadcast Ads  Attract attention using sound, unusual visuals, a celebrity or attractive person  Want to hold attention for 60 seconds

5 Gain Interest Print Ads  Should be simple and easy to read  Consistent font  Message should be clear and to the point Broadcast Ads  Should try to get to the main message as soon as possible  Watch the use of humour

6 Build Desire  The sales message should be connected to the visual message  Goal is to get the consumer to want your product  Useful to set up a problem that your product solves

7 Build Desire continued… Print Ads  Build desire with words Broadcast Ads  Describe the benefits of the product thoroughly  Repeat the brand name often

8 Get Action  Always ask for the sale  Summarize the reasons to buy Print Ad  Want logo, slogan, brand name and contact information in the bottom right-hand corner Print and Broadcast Ads  Should repeat a phone number and web address

9 Terminology Advertising  The paid-for promotion of a business’s goods and services over a variety of mass media to a target market of consumers Publicity  Media information about a business that the business doesn’t pay for  Can be positive or negative

10 Types of Advertising Classified according to the type of medium used to carry the message  Direct-to-home  Out-of-home  Radio  TV  Newspapers  Magazines  Internet

11 Direct-to-Home  An advertising message that comes to your home e.g. flyer or catalogue  Consumers do not ask or pay for this type of advertising  Ads on the Internet can also fall into this category

12 Out-of-Home  Any advertising message that the consumer receives when not at home e.g. billboards, buses, subways, transit shelters

13 Radio  The “go anywhere” medium  An effective ad uses words and sounds to gain interest

14 TV  Combines words, sounds and images  An extremely effective medium  Very expensive  Audience is potentially millions

15 Newspaper  Have a choice about distribution Local or national  Small companies might choose a local paper  Large companies could be local or national  Expensive to place a large ad, but inexpensive to place a small ad

16 Magazines  Many advantages over newspapers including the use of colour ads and specialty magazines to target specific groups of consumers  Also have the ability to target specific demographics e.g. women, new parents, young people, retired persons

17 Internet 3 Types of Internet Advertising  Company websites  Banner advertising on other websites  E-mail advertising

18 Company Website  Attracts consumers who are interested in the company in the first place  Can convert interest into sales

19 Banner Ads  Target consumers on one site and directs them to another E-mail Ads  If a consumer subscribes to a specific site and are expecting updates, offers and ads, then this form can be effective  Can be annoying to get messages from companies you don’t know Spamming

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