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UNIT 6.1 Advertising Media

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1 UNIT 6.1 Advertising Media
Marketing Essentials Advertising UNIT 6.1 Advertising Media *

2 Advertising Media Unit 6.1 The concept & purpose of advertising
What you’ll learn The concept & purpose of advertising Types of advertising media Why it’s Important Since advertising is an important element of promotion, you will need to know about the different ways a business can use advertising media to promote its image and products.

3 Advertising Media UNT 6.1 Advertising & its Purpose
Advertising: any paid form of _____-personal ________ of products (GSI) by an identified sponsor. Advertising is either promotional or institutional. Promotional advertising – designed to __________ sales. It introduces new products & businesses & encourages an interest in GSI Institutional advertising – attempts to create a favorable __________ & _______ for a business or organization *

4 Advertising Media UNIT 6.1 Advertising Drawbacks
While there are advantages to advertising, it does have its drawbacks. Advertising can: ______ to focus on individual needs. Be __________ Be wasteful when it is seen by people who are not are ______ potential customers Lack ______ Slide 2 of 3 *

5 Advertising Media UNIT 6.1 Types of Media
Media are the ______, means, or instruments used to convey advertising messages to the public. The FOUR general ____________ of advertising media are: Print Broadcast Specialty Internet * Slide 3 of 3

6 Advertising Media UNIT 6.1 Media Advertising Expenditures
Advertising is a Multi-Billion dollar business. There are several advertising media options for organizations to spend their $$$$$$ Print Media is ________ advertising. This includes everything from newspapers & magazines to direct mail, directory, transit signs and billboards. These are among the ______ & most _______ forms of advertising. Slide 1 of 2 *

7 Advertising Media UNIT 6.1 Newspaper Advertising Magazine Advertising
Daily or weekly / local, regional or national – newspaper ads are the main form of print media for many businesses Advantages – newspapers have ______ readership & high level of reader involvement Disadvantages – circulation can be ______, advertising life is short, and ads are less appealing in black & white Magazine Advertising Both consumer & trade magazines generate a ______ level of reader involvement. Magazines can _______ specific regional areas or interest groups Advantages – targeted audience, longer life span, more likely to be remembered, better print quality, variety of formats. Disadvantages – less mass appeal within a geographical area, more expensive, not as timely Slide 2 of 2 *

8 Advertising Media Direct Mail Advertising Directory Advertising
UNIT 6.1 Advertising Media Direct Mail Advertising DM advertising is sent by businesses directly to _______ customers via the mail. Examples of DM are catalogs, coupons, samplers, price lists, & others. Advantages – highly _______ distribution, variety of sizes & formats, catalogs & coupons can actually make a sale Disadvantages – low response rate & high costs Directory Advertising Telephone directories are the best example. Split into White Pages (free alpha listings) and Yellow Pages ( paid listings by category for businesses). Advantages – inexpensive, used by all _______ groups, long life span Disadvantages – not ________ *

9 Advertising Media Outdoor Advertising Transit Advertising UNIT 6.1
Better known as ____________ Advantages – Broad exposure, highly _______, some can be changed quickly Disadvantages – use is _______ in some areas, limited viewing time, unknown audience Transit Advertising Printed posters inside commuter trains, exterior posters on taxis & buses, station train & bus stations, subways, and airports Advantages – reaches wide & captive _________, relatively economical Disadvantages – ___________ in some areas, restricted to transit routes Slide 2 of 4 *

10 Advertising Media UNIT 6.1 Broadcast Media Radio & Television:
The average person will spend nearly ________ watching TV & _______ listening to the radio in a lifetime People are more likely to believe info from TV than print ads Slide 3 of 4 *

11 Advertising Media UNIT 6.1 Television Advertising
TV is the ultimate advertising ________. It communicates the message in sound, action & color Advantages - can be a _________ audience, is timely, takes advantage of holidays & special events Disadvantages - highest ________ costs, high cost for time, audience is not assured Slide 4 of 4 *

12 Advertising Media UNIT 6.1 Radio Advertising
It’s estimated that radio reaches 96% of all people age 12 & over in a given week Advantages – “______ times” can provide ___________ audience, specific audiences can be targeted, is flexible & mobile Disadvantages – _______ life span, stations often must compete for audience, listeners can easily be distracted *

13 Advertising Media SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING!!!!! UNIT 6.1
Online / Internet Advertising _________ daily – hyperlinks, banner ads, pop-ups, search engine results pages, social network advertising, marketing, online classified advertising Advantages - ability to __________ animation, sound, pics & video; can be interactive; effectiveness easily measured; immediate publishing of information; content NOT limited by geography or time Disadvantages: Low _________ rates SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING!!!!! *

14 Advertising Media Specialty Advertising UNIT 6.1
Specialty media are relatively inexpensive, useful items with an advertiser’s name _________ on them. Examples – pens, calendars, magnets, memo pads, key chains, bottle openers, etc… Other Advertising Media Businesses are constantly creating __________ means of transmitting their messages to potential customers. Examples – sports arena billboards, ads in movie theaters; ads on blimps and hot air balloons; skywriting; etc… Slide 1 of 2 *

15 Advertising Media UNIT 6.1 Selection of Promotional Media
To determine the type of promotional media to use, advertisers need to answer 3 questions Does the medium have the ability to present the product & the appropriate business image? Does the medium have the ability to target the desired customers? Does the medium have the ability to obtain the desired response rate? Slide 2 of 2 *

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