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Seminar Pemasaran Strategi Komunikasi.

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1 Seminar Pemasaran Strategi Komunikasi

2 Marketing Communications
The means by which firms attempt to inform, persuade, and remind consumers, directly or indirectly, about the products and brands they sell.

3 Communication Platforms
Advertising Print and broadcast ads Packaging inserts Motion pictures Brochures and booklets Posters Billboards POP displays Logos Videotapes Sales Promotion Contests, games, sweepstakes Premiums Sampling Trade shows, exhibits Coupons Rebates Entertainment Continuity programs

4 Communication Platforms
Events/ Experiences Sports Entertainment Festivals Arts Causes Factory tours Company museums Street activities Public Relations Press kits Speeches Seminars Annual reports Charitable donations Publications Community relations Lobbying

5 Communication Platforms
Personal Selling Sales presentations Sales meetings Incentive programs Samples Fairs and trade shows Direct Marketing Catalogs Mailings Telemarketing Electronic shopping TV shopping Fax mail Voice mail

6 Elements in the Communications Process
Sender Message Receiver Response Feedback Noise

7 IMC Builds Brands

8 Elements in the Communications Process

9 Steps in Developing Effective Communications
Identify target audience Determine objectives Design communications Select channels Establish budget Decide on media mix Manage IMC

10 The Five M’s of Advertising
Mission Money Message Media Measurement

11 Advertising Objectives
Informative advertising Persuasive advertising Reminder advertising Reinforcement advertising

12 Major Media Types Newspapers Television Direct mail Radio Magazines
Outdoor Yellow pages Newsletters Brochures Telephone Internet

13 Marketing Communication Expenditures (2001)
Media $ % of Total TV 52.7 22 Radio 19.4 8 Internet 3.4 1 Magazines 12.3 5 Newspapers 49.4 21

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