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4.04 Understand promotional channels used to communicate with targeted audiences.

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1 4.04 Understand promotional channels used to communicate with targeted audiences

2 What is a promotional channel? Specific medium used in reaching intended audience such as newspapers, radio stations, and television, etc.

3 Promotional Channels Advertising is a promotional channel used to communicate with targeted audiences. There are many forms of advertising The media is one channel of advertising.

4 What is advertising? Any non-personal paid form of communication designed to inform, persuade, or remind customers about a good or service

5 What is media? The agencies or means used by a company to convey an advertising message

6 What is cooperative advertising ? Occurs when a manufacturer helps a retailer pay for advertising costs For example: Kellogg’s gives Kroger money to help them advertise Kellogg’s cereals

7 Advertising includes: Print Media –Newspapers –Magazines –Direct Mail –Outdoor Advertising –Directory Advertising –Transit advertisements

8 Magazines Advantages Color printing is visually appealing Ability to target the desired audience Higher quality medium than newspapers Disadvantage Higher cost to create and produce More lead time required than for newspapers

9 Direct Mail Advantages Can be highly selective and flexible with the format and timing Inexpensive to create and produce Disadvantages Low response rates Expensive to distribute Often viewed as “junk mail”

10 Newspaper Advantages Low cost Distribution level of the newspaper is known Disadvantages Limited distribution Limited life span Black and white print is less visually appealing

11 Directory- telephone books Advantages Allows targeting based on geographic Targets all demographics Disadvantages Printed frequently, making changing the ad difficult Limited space and quality of advertisement

12 Outdoor- signs/billboards Advantages Relatively inexpensive 24/7 visibility Disadvantages Limited viewing time Increased government regulations

13 Transit- Buses, Trains, etc. Advantages Wide, captive audience Economical Disadvantages Subject to defacement Inability to target a specific audience

14 Advertising includes: (con’t) Broadcast Media –Television –Radio

15 Television Advantages Ability to demonstrate product features and benefits Advertisers choose target audience based in time and station programming Disadvantages High production and airtime cost Short life span New technology enables viewers to skip commercials

16 Radio Advertisements Advantages Cost effective Can be created and changed quickly Ability to reach a target audience through various station formats Disadvantages Appeals only to sense of sound Short life span Channel surfing

17 Advertising includes: (con’t) Online Media –Electronic Direct Mail –Online Ads

18 Online Ads- banner and pop-ups Advantages Inexpensive Can be interactive Disadvantages Viewed as a nuisance Often a low response rate

19 Electronic Direct Mail- ad messages via email. Advantages Ability to target audience Inexpensive Personalized message Disadvantages May be viewed as a nuisance Spam filter can reduce authorized

20 Advertising includes: (con’t) Specialty Media –Giveaways

21 Specialty Media -Inexpensive, useful items with company’s name and/or logo Advantages Company’s name is visible Customers enjoy freebies Disadvantages Limited distribution Some recipients never become customers (wasted)

22 Advertising Agencies help to… Design ads and ad campaigns

23 References 2006 Marketing curriculum PowerPoint 6.02

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