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4.02: Explain types of Advertising Media

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1 4.02: Explain types of Advertising Media

2 Notes (4.02) Can win points or candy
With a partner or by self; first to find correct answer wins I will call out questions at random; first to raise hand gets to answer.

3 4.02 Objectives Describe types of Advertising Media
Discuss trends affecting advertising media Describe the two categories of broadcast media. Categorize purchase options for television advertising. Discuss the difference between local and network advertising. Describe types of direct-mail advertising. Explain types of Web advertising. Identify types of out-of-home media. Describe specialty advertising. Discuss the use of directory advertising. Explain the use of movie theater advertising Explain trends that are affecting advertising media.

4 Advertising Media What is Advertising Media? Channels of communication
Information travels through them to consumers Types of Advertising Media Publications, Broadcast Media, Direct Mail, The Web, & Other

5 Advertising Media What are Publications?
Materials that are printed on a regular basis Newspapers and magazines are good examples

6 Newspapers Newspapers are referred to as mass media due to large amount of people that read them When advertising in a newspaper consider the following: How often is the newspaper published? The size of the newspaper Broadsheet: Typical Newspaper Tabloid: National Enquirer What geographical area does is cover? National v. State v. Local Who is the target audience of the Newspaper? Conservative: New York Post, Chicago Tribune, & Wall Street Journal Liberal: New York Times. USA Today, Los Angeles Times

7 Advertising Media Newspaper
High volume of readers (print, web, mobile) Easy for businesses to advertise in Advertisements are placed in sections most likely read by the target market Most people skim the paper and read their favorites Less than a 1,000 newspapers in circulation Advertising is becoming more expensive Take out smaller ads and supplement it with radio

8 Magazine Consumer Magazines Business & Trade Magazines
Magazines read for personal enjoyment Targeted towards a specific audience Example: Sports Illustrated, People, Cosmo, Seventeen, etc. Business & Trade Magazines Business Magazine: Aimed at the general population of workers Trade Magazine: Aimed at specific areas of business or occupations

9 Consumer or Business Ad?

10 Advertising Media Facts about Magazine & Newspaper Ads
Headline is critical Place ad on Front or Back if possible Pages 3, 5, 7, & 9 are best alternatives outside of targeted sections Top of page is better than bottom of page Use pictures of owner if possible because people buy from those they trust Include a call to action

11 Broadcast Media Broadcast Media: Examples: Television & Radio
Time Media because their advertisements last as long as they are on the air Mass media because of the amount of people they reach per advertisement Television is considered to be the most influential, best selling type of media Advertising options including local, cable, network channels, & satellite Network advertising reached the most people but costs the most Local advertising is least expensive and is best for smaller business Examples: Infomercials, Hallmark Presents Program, QVC, Create your own channel(?)

12 Television 51% have cable television 26% have satellite television
1% have both cable and satellite 22% do not subscribe to any television Local: National

13 Radio Radio is seen as an effective and affordable way to reach a targeted market Radio station as a specific listening base Radio is online & nationwide Radio Example: V_S6DfvE How many times do you hear company name?

14 Radio Costs

15 Direct Mail Printed Mail Electronic Mail
Sales letters, catalogs, flyers, postcards Relatively inexpensive Could be considered junk mail Must be sent to the right people Electronic Mail Delivered to Quick, easy, inexpensive Could be perceived as junk Opt-in- marketing is when people sign up to receive notifications

16 The Web Fastest Growing Media Outlet
Target specific groups & track user responses Create a company web site Customers could learn about your business Find contact information and locations Place orders online Place business ads on other people’s web sites or on a portal (Google, AOL)

17 Out of Home Media Poster panels/billboards
Could be painted on the side of a building Indoor billboards found in subways, office buildings Spectaculars – large, elaborate electrical signs Transit posters – advertisements on buses and bus shelters Human directionals – people wearing or holding signs to advertise for a business Aerial – blimps, hot air balloons, other airborne displays

18 Outdoor Media Billboards:
Trucks: Google: Taxis: List example of promotions 44 Ideas: 51 Ideas: Inappropriate:

19 Specialty Advertising
Remind people about your business An item must pass three criteria to qualify as specialty media 1. Must have the business’s name or logo on it 2. Must be a useful item such as a pen or baseball cap 3. It must be given away

20 Directory Advertising
Informs people about how to contact a particular business, often with a telephone number, street address or Web address Some (Yellow Pages) target a specific geographic area May target a specific group of people such as students at a university or college

21 Movie Theatre Advertising & Product Placement
Movie Theater Increasing in popularity Includes on-screen advertising before the presentation of the feature film as well as posters, stand-ups, and other ads in the lobby Product Placement Product manufacturers pay millions of dollars for the right to use their brands as movie props Hope viewers become loyal to their products Brands in movies, TV and computer games continues to increase Seinfeld Product Placement:

22 Telemarketing Calling prospective customers on the phone as well as providing a number for people to call Companies purchase 800-numbers so that customers can call toll-free 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 Most companies choose numbers that are easy to remember 1-800-directv

23 DVD and CD-ROM Advertising
Disney is very successful using DVD Advertising Customers can receive a free DVD upon request that introduces them to Disney theme parks and hotels Want customers to be so excited that they immediately purchase their Disney vacation package CD-ROM Customers receive free computer software introducing them to a particular program or Internet service Hope they purchase the real thing

24 Trends Affecting Advertising Media
A New Way to Talk Short messaging service (SMS): allows people to send text message advertisements over cell phones Smishing: people pose as banks and send text messages requesting victims’ account numbers and passwords If receiving an ad from a company you didn’t sign up for….they can get in trouble Virtual Worlds Second Life Advertisers can put up posters in Second Life malls Can rent out ad space at special Second Life businesses Can create an avatar for the company

25 Media Avoiding advertisers Do-Not-Call registries
Online pop-up ad filters Spam filters Podcasts Human Billboards

26 Assignment: Solo or Duo
Find five of the most unique advertisements you can, Place them in a PowerPoint & Rank them as your top 5 Create a Human Billboard, Choose a person Place on body Company Explain why this person was chosen for product

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