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Chapter 13 Promoting Hospitality and Tourism

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1 Chapter 13 Promoting Hospitality and Tourism

2 Promotion and Advertising
Promotion = any form of communication used to persuade people to buy products Purpose is to increase sales, generate interest, create positive image Promotional Mix Advertising Sales Promotion Public Relations and Publicity Personal Selling

3 Advertising Advertising = PAID promotion
Promotional Advertising = advertising with a goal of selling an item – introduce new products, special deal or sale Airlines use this to announce airfares or introduce new routes

4 Institutional Advertising = with a goal of developing goodwill or positive image
May sponsor a charitable event or thank people who donate money, restaurant may have customer appreciation night.

5 Types of Advertising Media
Print Broadcast Online Specialty PRINT Newspaper – specific geographic location, inexpensive, life is short- people throw away

6 Magazines = monthly, goes nationally, appeals to certain target markets, priced high
Direct Mail = sent to home or , can be personalized to target market Ex. – hotel sends to people who recently stayed there

7 Outdoor Advertising = sings, billboards, posters, like in sports arenas, transportation centers
BROADCASTING MEDIA Expensive- TV and radio- can be geared to target market Infomercials – 30 minutes long- about a specific item

8 ONLINE MEDIA Banner Ads Search Engines Counting Hits SPECIALITY MEDIA Calendar, pens, mugs, magnets, matchbooks, imprinted with company logo

9 Creating Advertising Messages
AIDA Model Attention Interest Desire Action Content of the Message- appeal in different ways emotional, rationally, morally

10 Structure and Format (style and tone of message)
Testimonial Scientific Technical Personality Lifestyle Mood Fantasy

11 Budgeting for Advertising
Affordable – what can the business afford Percentage of sales- % of sales is spent on advertising Competitive =gain the competitive advantage Objective and task – based on businesses objectives

12 13-2 Public Relations and Sales Promotion
PUBLIC REALTIONS- any activity designed to create a positive image of a business PUBLICITY – free mention of product or company – TV , newspaper, etc. Good Press Relations – attract business – if a show is on the Travel Channel people think more of it or will go to it. Very influential

13 Press Releases = newsworthy article that provides basic information- who, what, when, and where
Pg 268 example The Spin Zone= putting a positive spin on a negative situation Crisis Management =

14 Creating Goodwill = improve relationships with other businesses in the same location
SALES PROMOTION Encourage consumers to BUY products Contests and sweepstakes Special Offers and Sales Events Coupons Premiums = sample a free product with an item already purchased. Rewards Programs

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