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Marketing Co-Op. paid identified sponsor Any paid form of non- personal promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor.

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1 Marketing Co-Op

2 paid identified sponsor Any paid form of non- personal promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor

3 The average person is exposed to 2,000 advertisements each week

4 Promotional Advertising – the goal is to increase sales Institutional Advertising – the goal is to create a favorable image

5 Enables companies to reach large numbers of people with their message Ex: Television and Radio

6 The agencies, means, or instruments used to convey advertising messages to the public Four categories Print – newspaper, magazine, direct mail, outdoor, transit Broadcast – TV, radio Online – banner and pop-up ads Specialty – pencils, cups, lanyards

7 Includes advertising in newspaper, magazine, direct mail, signs, and billboard One of the oldest and most effective types of advertising

8 In 2004 there were 1,456 local daily newspapers in the US Why they work….. Usually offer a variety of options for size, location, and frequency Makes it easy for companies to select what best suits their budget and advertising goals

9 It is estimated that 55% of adults in the US read a newspaper everyday Shoppers – offer very little editorial content, but are delivered free to residents who live in a specific area

10 Pros  Cheapest form of print advertising  Reaches specific region (target market for local businesses) Cons  Limited shelf life (usually thrown away daily)  Usually printed in black and white (not very visually appealing

11 Can be distributed locally, regionally, or nationally Can be published weekly, monthly, or quarterly

12 Time Magazine – National weekly magazine Southern Living – Regional magazine Vogue Magazine – National monthly magazine Brides Magazine – National quarterly magazine

13 Classified as consumer or business to business Consumer – read for personal pleasure ex: TV guide, Sports Illustrated, Seventeen, Readers Digest Business to Business – trade publications, interest professionals in a specific field ex: Advertising Age, Women’s Wear Daily

14 Pros  Can reach a very targeted audience with little wasted circulation  People tend to keep them for a long time  Usually gets passed on to others  They are usually read much slower  Ads are printed in color and are usually very eye catching Cons  Cost is much higher than newspapers  Usually deadlines are a month or two before publication (requires careful planning)  Ads can not be time sensitive

15 Highly focused form of advertising Printed – mailed to homes Electronic – sent through e-mail Good way to keep CURRENT customers up to date on new products, services, and promotions

16 Cost effective way to generate leads for personal selling Can take many forms:  Newsletter  Catalog  Coupon  Sample  Invitation

17 Two Types Standardized –only come in standard sizes like billboards, posters and spectaculars Nonstandardized – signs companies put up in their place of business or in other local locations (custom made)

18  Spectaculars – out door signs that are purchased or rented from advertising companies that use lights and moving parts to attract attention

19 Pros  Highly visible  Relatively Inexpensive  24-7 message  Reaches large number of people Cons  Limited viewing time  Inability to target a specific target  Government regulations on location  Only changes every six months or longer

20  Taxis  Buses  Trains  Public benches  Trash cans  Subways/metros  Airports  Bus stops  Public benches Advertisements found on public transportation

21  Reaches a wide, sometimes captive audience  Economical/inexpensive  Has a defined target, usually geared toward urban areas

22  Still a small part of overall advertising, but is growing steadily as the internet becomes more and more influential Online sales in 2006 - $9.7 million

23  Banner Ads – most popular form of online advertising Usually rectangle, and found at the top, bottom or side of a web page  Button Ads – similar to banner ads, but they are placed in strategic positions on the page

24 Banner Ad Button Ad

25  Pop Up Advertisements – TV-like spots that pop up between web pages Viewer must click on the ad to go to the website or close the window to resume surfing  Only 1% of people actually click on these kinds of ads

26 Pop Up Ad

27 Giveaways usually inexpensive novelty items that can be used by consumers that feature the companies name or logo Pens Cups Calendars Hats Magnets

28 Invention of Lying Clip

29  Get the Orange Textbooks  Complete the questions from Chapter 19.1 Questions 1-3 on page 408 Questions 2-6 on page 417

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