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Chapter 6: Skills For Healthy Relationships

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1 Chapter 6: Skills For Healthy Relationships

2 Lesson 1: Foundations of a Healthy Relationship
A relationship is a bond or connection you have with someone Most people think of relationships as romantic, but there is many types Relationships can affect your health in ways that can be positive and negative

3 The types of relationships you can have is:
Family Friends Teachers Classmates People in community Etc.

4 Relationships with your family is very important
One thing special about having a good relationship with your family is that it lasts forever

5 Healthy family relationships strengthen every side of your health triangle
Friendship is all about trust, caring, and consideration between 2 people Relationships can have a positive influence on your self-esteem and can help resist harmful behaviors There are different roles you can play in a relationship


7 Lesson 2: Respecting Yourself and Others
You need self respect so people will treat you with respect and have healthy relationships Being unsure of your values can complicate relationships Upholding your values shows that you respect yourself Treat everyone with respect

8 With friends and family there is many ways you can show respect
Listen to other people Be considerate of others’ feelings Develop mutual trust Be realistic in your expectations Sometimes people treat others with disrespect because of prejudice People who are tolerant value diversity

9 A disrespectful behavior is something like bullying someone

10 WORDS HURT!! Bullying can cause people to do harm to themselves
Teens who are bullied are most likely to drop out of school Hazing activities may be physically or emotionally harmful Most people bully others to feel better about themselves WORDS HURT!!


12 Lesson 3: Communicating Effectively
People can be aggressive in relationships Some may not care about anyone but themselves You can be passive and not express their feelings or thoughts You can be assertive also, by expressing views respectfully

13 Communication skills is a very important role
in a relationship, you shouldn’t hide stuff With communication comes listening skills Show people around you that you care Nonverbal communication is body language Your tone of voice could show a lot about how you are feeling

14 Show the people around you that you appreciate them
You have to be able to talk and share feelings with your relationship COMMUNICATION IS KEY IN A RELATIONSHIP Sometimes you use body language without even realizing it


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